An order satisfying the thirst watermelon - Tarbooz khane ke fayde

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An order satisfying the thirst watermelon - Tarbooz khane ke fayde

An order satisfying the thirst watermelon ...

Summer is also the fruit of melon and mango spring plays trumpet the arrival pleasures .Mango if steel treasure most Booz kidney, food recipe tried to bkarun heat and irritation of the bladder .This Bell bchty ground floor there is deep green and striped fruit pulp can be .This is red and tastes sweet and very tasty too far, each containing 90% water basis of its components, the seeds are brown ink.

Watermelon shape round oval or on the mean difference does not usually have the shape of oblong watermelon Booz off the dark green and light green oval is slightly lettuce, which they say Madani cold watermelon .For the property and temperament the fruit is so useful for those cold temperament. Heat and are useful to drink and eat watermelon sorbet Take the weather. However, when eating black pepper chopped, Thura little salt and roasted cumin powder does not mix in the form of mucus to eat fruit is the antidote for patients Although kmzurhazmy .The takeover of small amounts and sometimes eat better.


Watermelon helps to relieve constipation by eating like Umm alamraz are deleted hy.jsm irregular material is easily and effortlessly stomach and liver to perform its functions. It is the fruit acidity and low blood heat, is satisfy the thirst of kidney cleaning process that removes the climatic condition of fever. Doctors usually do not eat like digestion indicate that collection of jaundice patients eat watermelon and sknjbyn .Watermelon when Pooh hour before or after any fruit skins to eat .It is not like eating fruits after meals I have created confusion. And your fruit should drink half of the water utilities lose .Melon It gives people joy to warm temperament.


Booz eaten on the day it is the right Hayes on the rice and watermelon when you are taking antibiotics is useful food. Watermelon those who feel irritation and acidity of the chest is very beneficial. Sometimes they come sore point in the intestines or diarrhea due to the acidity of these mfydhy eat watermelon in both cases. It is the shortage of water in the body. Summer lulgny be complaint or if you travel in the sun can heat away from the body of water melon and fruit pulp sun is going to rest in a state of fever caused by the gastrointestinal heat perish Is. Watermelon is cold, the mood is cold fruit should eat this fruit with a moderate to good to be used in case of a cold or flu old mucus .For older people. It gives off heat cough and thirst the body does remove fat .Mercy kidney and bladder irritation and bladder pthryun Lata is out. Young Fuzzy pyyn watermelon juice drinks cautiously at home rather than thirst will be quenched and nutrition can also benefit from the drink's heat will be treated the same way.

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