The ideal application to use the mobile with one hand

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The ideal application to use the mobile with one hand

If you want to use a mobile with a large screen with one hand, you have to give Quick Cursor, a free app, a try.

The ideal application to use the mobile with one hand. One of the drawbacks of current mobiles is their size. The diagonals of the screens are growing significantly and although the ratio makes them not much wider than before, they are higher.

This makes it difficult to use them with one hand in many situations, although fortunately there are applications that help us in that task. The last one we've discovered is called Quick Cursor.

So you can use the mobile with one hand

The idea of ​​this application is simple. We can use the bottom of the screen as a mouse or a computer trackpad, by sliding the finger and moving the cursor, which will appear at the top, with one of the thumbs.

When we are above the element that we want to press, we touch again on the screen, and it will open.

The only downside is that it interferes with Android 10 gestures, so we will have to be careful, or use the virtual navigation buttons on the system.

A free app with payment options

If we go to the options and adjustments we will see that we have some available. Of course, there are advanced functions that are blocked for the Pro version but are not necessary for basic use. We will have to give access to the accessibility functions since the app runs on top of the other applications, as expected.

An option to display notifications is missing, one of the most common actions that are carried out on a daily basis. At least we can use the scroll-down function if the launcher of our mobile supports it, as it happens in Samsung, OPPO, or Huawei.
As if the utility were not enough, we have to highlight that the app is free and that it has no advertising, so if you hesitate to install it or not, you can try it without obligation.
You can start downloading Quick Cursor download for android by a single click on the button

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