Top 5 Best Free And Useful Google Tools

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Top 5 Best Free And Useful Google Tools - Today, in this era of the internet, Google search has been done on the Internet. Initially, it was a search engine like Yahoo but currently, Google is the largest search engine in the world! Today Google is a repository of knowledge, entertainment, information, etc. with the help of which we can get any information with one click! Every year google keeps updating its features! Currently, many free tools have been made available by google with the help of which we can do any work conveniently!

Top 5 Best Free And Useful Google Tools

In today's article, we are going to tell you about such tools through google which will be beneficial for you to use. Here we are talking about 5 such free tools which if you have not used yet, you can once Can definitely try!

Top 5 Best Free And Useful Google Tools 

1:- Google Chrome Browser

If you are an Android or Windows user, then you must have heard about the google chrome app or maybe you are also using it. Chrome app is a google product and is considered to be a fast and secure browser!
If you use a chrome browser on a computer! So there are millions of useful extensions in this app, with the help of which you can do any task quickly and easily, as well as the convenience of the incognito tab, bookmarks, history, etc. features in Google Chrome! Therefore it is a Browser used not only in India but also abroad. If you have not used this browser yet, then you must try once!

2:- Google drive

With the help of Google Drive, we can store the data of any Image, Documents, etc. files online! The biggest advantage of saving data in google drive is that we can use this data anywhere, anytime with the help of the internet! In addition, you can also share these files with any friends! And google drive allows us to store up to 16 GB of data! And if you want to store more data, then you will need to pay for it.

3:- Blogger

If you are fond of writing and you want to spread this talent to people, then you can use the free tool Blogger available by GoogleWith the help of Blogger, we can take our Free Domain (Site Name) to reach people on any topic. By doing this writing work with full passion, you can also earn money online by monetizing the blog!
And with this, you can earn your name in this world of the Internet by spreading your knowledge and experience to the people. If you want to create a free website on Blogger, then you can go directly to the Blogger site by clicking on!

4:- Google Map

Today Google Maps comes as inbuilt apps on all Android phones. With the help of which the distance between the current location and any other location can be easily detected through Google map! Currently, with the help of google map, we do not need to ask people to go anywhere, just we have to enter the location on google map where we want to reach!

5:- Google docs

If you want to use Ms office anywhere at home or office! Then google docs are the best option for you! With the help of google docs, you can also create, edit, and share any document online! The specialty of Google Docs is that you can run it in any device, not only a computer but also a smartphone, tablet, etc. Best Useful Google Tools.
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