How to prevent hair loss home remedy

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How to prevent hair loss home remedy

prevent hair loss, In today's run-of-the-mill life, we make time for every task, but what is left is our health. Some people dye their hair and some dye makes it look up-to-date in tiptop and  Hair also becomes weak due to pollution and stress. Trimming, trimming, dyeing, dyeing, etc., weaken the hair roots and cause hair to fall quickly.

prevent hair loss

Ways to prevent hair fall 

About a hundred hairs are bought every day in case of a hair loss problem. If this is the case, it will not be long before the baldness problem begins. Common causes of hair loss can be physical changes, fever, surgery, vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorders, hormonal disorders, or side effects of toxins. 

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Ways to prevent hair loss 

Hair loss in men 

The male hormone androgen causes hair loss. This hormone weakens the follicles. Which makes it impossible for hair to grow again. Occasionally, small patches of talc may appear due to dandruff or fungal infection. 

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women is due to nutritional deficiency, excessive styling, and treatment, stress on the hair, etc. Lack of vitamins and hemoglobin also makes the hair of women weak. The use of chemicals in hair or removing hair from the root for styling etc. also causes hair loss problems. In addition, hormonal changes in women can cause hair loss even after pregnancy.

Hair fall in children 

Hair loss in children can be caused by dirt, fungal infections, hereditary baldness, hairstyles, nutritional deficiencies, surgery, chemotherapy, etc.

Tania capitis is a common fungal infection in children that can cause hair loss.

Get rid of the problem - remedy for hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem but with some precautions, you can get rid of it. Hair requires more protein. Protein deficiency causes hair to become rough and yellow. So give it the required amount of protein. Avoid hair permitting, clearing, and straightening. Do not make the mistake of changing the shampoo.

Use moisturizer and apply serum or conditioner after washing hair. Massage with fresh oil. This will keep the hair shiny. Ensure that food includes milk, fruits, green vegetables, yellow vegetables, fish. Drink a lot of water In case of any fungal infection, consult a doctor immediately. 

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