Audacity free download High-performance audio editor that supports multitrack editing

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Audacity free download, Audacity for windows

Audacity High-performance audio editor

High-performance audio editor that supports multitrack editing. 
Cut unnecessary scenes, copy specified scenes, change pitch / tempo, fade in / out, reverb, add effects with various VST Plug-ins, normalize, combine multiple files, record ... etc. You are 
Supported formats are WAV / AIFF / MP3 / OGG / FLAC audio files. 
By introducing "ffmpeg" separately, it becomes possible to process audio of various videos, M4A / AC3 ​​etc.

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"Audacity" is a high-performance music editing software. 

(“ DarkAudacity ” is a modern theme “Audacity” based on black ) You can actually edit data while looking at a graph (waveform / spectrum) that visually represents the contents of the audio file. It is a visual voice editing tool .. 

Cut unnecessary scenes, add fade in / out effects, remove noise, change pitch (pitch) and tempo ... etc. You can do a lot, you can say the best among free audio editors Function is abundant. 

A big point is that it supports multitrack editing and you can also combine multiple files into one or multitrack recording.

1 :A plurality of sound sources (truck), a function to edit in one screen.

2 :vocals, guitars, drums, and so on ... It is a function that records separately for each part.

The supported format is WAV / AIFF / MP3 / OGG / FLAC and the output is WAV / AIFF / MP3 / OGG / FLAC / MP2. 
By separately introducing "FFmpeg", you can read the audio of the video and read / write WMA / M4A / AC3 ​​/ AMR etc.

Audacity free download, Audacity for windows

3 : Audacity 1.3.6 Beta or later only. The introduction method is mentioned later.

In addition, some VST Plug-ins are also available.
The main functions include playback / recording of sound source, format conversion, cut / copy / paste of selected scene, duplication of selected scene / silencing / trimming / new track (new separation) , sampling rate change, loading You can combine multiple tracks, convert to stereo mono, scale the waveform, and undo / redo. 
In addition, various effects function is carried and, for the whole track and a specific scene 

Auto dock
Click noise removal
Change of speed
Change tempo (without changing pitch)
Noise removal
Change pitch (pitch)
Fade in / out
Wow Wow
Upside down (of waveform)
Invert before and after (waveform)
Amplification (Amplifier)
Time axis slide / change pitch 
Normalization (Normalization & DC offset correction)
Silence reduction
Clip Fix (Repair of broken sound)
Cross Fade
Hard Limiter
High pass / low pass filter
Notch Filter (Specific Band Filter)
SC4 (compressor)
Tremolo (tremolo)
Vocal Remover
More than 30 different filter effects can be applied.

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4 :Speed ​​/ pitch, effect that gradually changes.
In addition, it has a function to insert DTMF tones / Chirps / Tones / Noises / Silences / Clicks to specified scenes 
5 :Dial Tone Multi Frequency.Sound of push button.

The basic flow of operation is as follows. 
Notation may differ depending on the version. The following is an example of "Audacity 2.2.2".

Introducing FFmpeg-Only When Necessary

  1. First, install "Audacity" normally. 
    (After installation, do not start "Audacity")
  2. If you want to be able to read and write more files on "Audacity", thenDownload & Install 
    (The latest version as of 20/18/27 is 2.2.2)

Audacity System Requirements

OS: Window XP,7,8,10,

Processor: Intel Pentium III / Navida Athlon XP 1600+
Graphics: AMD Radeon X1270 or NVIDIA GeForce 7050
System Memory: 400 MB RAM
Storage: 40 MB Hard drive space
DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

Audacity free download High-performance audio editor that supports multitrack editing

You can start downloading audacity High-performance audio editor Free Download For Android by a single click on the undermentioned button.

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