banana benefits - kele ke chilke ke fawaid

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banana benefits - kele ke chilke ke fawaid

banana benefits - kele ke chilke ke fawaid

Banana peas like other fruit bushes were considered as useless. But Banana peak has a lot of benefits which were still unknown. Banana bark contains germs and anti-allergic properties. 10 amazing benefits of banana rods-

* Make blemish leaves of shiny and attractive to bananas. Taking the leaves from the inner part of the sprinkle will clear all the gastrointestinal dust particles.

* Banana peel can also be used to get rid of pepper and rash on skin.

* Now use polish bars to leave polish to polish shoes. Banana is full of potassium and potassium is used in polishing polish. Clean the shoe from the banana grinder and soften it with soft cloth. Positive ingredients will be absorbed in the skin and also make the shoes durable.

* Banana peel on face face will end up sensitivity and irritation on the face of the face -

Potassicum is also considered useful for the tooth of the teeth. Meet banana peel for two minutes and brush the tooth after 10 minutes.

* Use Banana peel to eliminate the badge on the skin. Just cover the inner part of the sprinkle cover with the strip.

* Pest bites are scattered. The bananas of the banana finish their marks and burns.

* Other skin diseases like Dad and Chinbal are also possible from bananas. Massage of bananas for a few days will completely eliminate the vinegar and heading.

* To get relief in headache, keep the banana peel on a neck and a little while.

* Massage of bananas is also possible to treat hemorrhoids.

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