Benefits of Egg food, - Anda khane ke fayde,

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 Benefits of Egg food, - Anda khane ke fayde,

What does an egg affect on the body daily? Know inside the news

In Islamabad, breakfast can be eggs. Most people like it and it is also important food for food that is rich with protein, iron, amino acids and anti-oxidants. However, if an egg is eaten daily, what effect do the body have on the body? The answer is in the UK -> a medical research. According to the research of the British Dietic Association, there is no restriction that how many eggs you can eat daily, however, if this number is two more the better Because it gives 12 grams of protein to the body while vitamins A, D, B, iodine and other ingredients are found. According to Q, there is a lot of medical benefits from eating one-day meal. In the examination, it is said that physical deficiency is powerful, dental, bone and skin health improves, while amino acids in the eggs mental stress and uncomfortable Sugar can help in reducing sugar. Many researchers say that the food adds to the body's excess calorie and the risk of nutritional impairment increases. In the examination it is further stated that before eating the eggs Cook them well because rotten or bad eggs can cause food poisoning.

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