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Adobe Photoshop Cs6 

Adobe released the official version of Photoshop CS6, which integrates its Adobe-specific Mercury image engine in CS6, providing powerful image editing capabilities through the graphics core GPU . Content-Aware Patch helps users to select areas more easily and conveniently, making it easy for users to map and other operations. Blur Gallery allows users to render blur effects on images and file content. Intuitive Video Creation offers a new video operating experience.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Cs6

  1. Graphic design : Graphic design is the most widely used field of Photoshop. Whether it is book cover, posters or posters, these flat prints usually require Photoshop software to process images.

  2. Advertising photography: As a kind of work that is very strict on visual requirements, the final product of the advertisement often has to be modified by Photoshop to get satisfactory results.

  3. Image Creativity : Image Creativity is the specialty of Photoshop. Through Photoshop processing, different objects can be combined to make the image change.

  4. Web page production: The popularity of the Internet is to encourage more people to master Photoshop, because Photoshop is an essential web image processing software when creating web pages.

  5. Post-modification: When making architectural renderings including three-dimensional scenes, the colors of the characters and scenes, including the scene, often need to be added and adjusted in Photoshop.

  6. Visual Creativity: Visual Creativity and Design is a branch of design art. This type of design usually has no obvious commercial purpose, but because he provides a wide design space for the majority of design enthusiasts, more and more design hobbies Start learning Photoshop and create visual ideas with personal characteristics and style.

  7. Interface design: Interface design is an emerging field, which is valued by more and more software companies and developers. There is currently no professional software for interface design, so most designers use it.

  8. Professional Assessment: Photoshop's expertise lies in image processing, not graphics creation. Image processing is the editing and processing of existing bitmap images and the use of some special effects, the focus is on the processing of images; the graphics creation software is to design graphics according to their own ideas and ideas, using vector graphics.
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Software highlights

  1. Text line: information about the currently selected tool and the function and function of the operation performed.

  2. Zoom bar: Display the display scale of the current image window. Users can also enter the value in this window and press Enter to change the display scale.

  3. Preview box: Click the black triangle button on the right to open the pop-up menu, select any command, the corresponding information will be displayed in the preview box.

  4. Title bar: Located at the top of the main window, the leftmost is the Photoshop tag, and the right side is the minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons. Property bar (also known as the tool options bar). When a tool is selected, the property bar changes to the property's property setting options, and the corresponding options can be changed.

  5. Menu Bar: The menu bar provides menu control for all windows in the entire environment, including: files, edits, images, layers, selections, filters, views, windows, and help. Photoshop performs all commands in two ways, one is the menu and the other is the shortcut.

  6. Image Editing Window: The middle window is the image window, which is the main working area of ​​Photoshop for displaying image files. The image window has its own title bar that provides basic information about opening a file, such as file name, zoom ratio, color mode, and more. If you open two images at the same time, you can switch by clicking the image window. Image window switching can use Ctrl+Tab.

Software features

  Photoshop CS6 has been gleaming on my computer, and it still has a lot of highlights that were not available in previous versions.

  The cutting tool, which is the biggest change in the use of the tool, is still slightly inferior, but it is really human.

When using the "Cropping Tool (C)", it will directly display the button and reference line of the cropping tool on the image border. Therefore, the operation mode that was pulled directly from the blank area has been dropped by K.
Then it is an extremely humanized change. In the past, after we cut it, if we are dissatisfied, we need to cancel the operation to recover. In the CS6 version, we only need to select the "Cropping Tool (C)" again, and then you can operate it at will. See the original document, as shown.
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Another change in the "Cropping Tool (C)" is still human. No matter how you do it, the highlights are the results you will end up with. That is to say, you don't have to look at your head as before, paying tribute to Adobe for your neck.

  The layer panel , you can see the screenshot, there are some changes on the icon, this is nothing. What I want to say is the extra row.

Take the screenshot example. This is a resume. When I need to change the text of the Capabilities group, or I need to select them in batches and fine-tune the position, what should I do? Expand the group, then hold down Ctrl and use the mouse one by one? Yes, we can only do this in the previous version, but this will become very simple in CS6. The "Layer Panel" has a filtering function, which can be based on "Kind", "Name" (Name), "Effect", "Mode", "Attribute", "Color" to filter the displayed layer.

Going back to the hypothesis I just made, I just need to select "Kind" and then click on the "Text Button" as shown in the figure. Everything is so simple. Pay attention to the "Little Red Dot" in the above picture, it is the switch function of the filtering function. When we don't need it, we can close it and continue working. This is like the multi-task switching of iOS/Android, let our work become It is more efficient, as shown below.
 I have to say that this is an exciting improvement.

Adobe Photoshop Cs6 System Requirment

Intel® Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
1GB of RAM
1GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free

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