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Baidu Browser For Pc

Baidu browser is launched by Baidu with IE as the core browser. The overall interface is simple and elegant, and it looks a bit like Google Chrome . Baidu browser supports importing html web files as favorites content, while mainstream web browsers support exporting html collections, so you can also import past browser favorites/bookmarks into Baidu browser.

On April 26th, Baidu browser announced in its official release of "Baidu Browser (PC) part of the function to stop service" announcement.

  Baidu said that due to the adjustment of the department's business, the official will stop serving some of the functions of the product on April 30, 2019. Related products include desktop Baidu, Baidu toolbar, Baidu address bar, Baidu speed browser, hao123 browser, the product will not be updated, the basic functions can still be used locally.

  1. User login function, the login user login status is invalid, but the user basic information (favorites, history records, settings, etc.) can still be retained locally, and the unregistered users will not provide services;

  2. The points mall will be inaccessible and will not provide user point inquiry service;

  3. The user's setting information, history record, and favorite cloud synchronization are invalid;

  4. The product related recommendation content disappears, and the relevant page will not be accessible, such as: new label (, home page (;

  5, all plug-in related functions are not available, the possible part of the installed plug-in can continue to use;

  6. Skin related will retain a simple style, others are not available.

  Baidu browser has been officially stopped on April 30, 2019, but the normal browsing function is still available.

Special function

  1, new weather, big change, new visual design language, more refined and flat 
  2, content: create a new home, content one stop direct, waiting for your experience 
  3, found: use Baidu big data to create "discovery" function, daily Have a good website, everyone is different, different every day 
  4. More brisk: upgrade the latest kernel, new Baidu browser, performance running without pressure 
  5. Cloud experience: web cloud repair, download Baidu cloud acceleration, URL cloud collection, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: What changes have been made to the new Baidu browser?
  A: Faster! The world's leading Chromium38 core, extremely fast rendering, ultra-fast Internet access; new visual style, more refined and flatter; content, posture and knowledge directly to the new tab page, the Internet is no longer boring; found that every day good website, everyone is different It is interesting every day.

Q: I heard that Baidu browser has an unprecedented chameleon skinning effect. What is it?
  A: Have a vision! Open the chameleon and you will find that your browser has learned stealth, no matter where you drag it, it can be integrated with the computer desktop, allowing you to have this set of smart cool skin!

  Q: What is the small rocket in the address bar of Baidu browser?
  A: The legendary six-speed acceleration is hidden in this small rocket, playing any video page, Baidu browser video acceleration function will speed up the buffer video for you, see The film waits for zero. As for the other five accelerations, you can poke here for details.

Q: What is the magical world that appears when the mouse is scrolled down in the new tab of Baidu?
  A: It is a beautiful piece of beauty to help you to send out the boring time to prepare high-quality content, collect funny paragraphs, deep questions and answers, popular blockbusters, the coolest song list, new singer, 9 points per day update!

  Q: In addition to being able to grab Xiaomi with Baidu browser, what else can I grab?
  A: Baidu browser has a series of plug-ins that can help you to buy, you can download and install in the application center, in addition to the first to grab the Xiaomi plug-in, you can also grab train tickets, participate in Tmall spike , double eleven pairs with Baidu browsing You can put the big army behind you!

Q: Can the stealth window really be invisible?
  A: Of course not to change you. When you visit a private website, Baidu browser is like a small secretary, reminding you to enter the stealth window mode, preventing historical records and other related functions to record your private information, the secret is no longer afraid of being discovered by your wife !

Q: Can Baidu browser really identify medical security?
  A: Baidu and Baidu Anti-Virus and Security Alliance big data resources provide medical institutions safety certification nameplates, providing an objective reference for users to seek medical advice.

Q: How fast can Baidu Cloud Acceleration Download?
  A: Baidu's first cloud acceleration download technology, download PDF, EXE and other files the fastest. Download Baidu resources at a second speed, how do you know what you know~~

  Q: What should I do if my default browser fails to set up Baidu browser?
  A: Please check if there are software installed in your computer that has 360 security guards , Jinshan Guardian, QQ Computer Manager, Baidu Guardian, Cheetah Browser, etc. to lock the default browser function, and manually modify the default.

Baidu Browser System Requirmeint 

Software size: 45.5M
Updated: 2019/2/15
Software Language: Simplified
Software category: browser class
Software License: FreewareSoftware
official website:

Baidu browser free download for pc windows 7 full version

You can start downloading baidu browser Full Version Free Download by a single click on the undermentioned button.

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