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Safari Browser For Windows

Safari browser is currently the fastest browser on the Windows platform. The industry standard iBech test shows that Safari is twice as fast as IE 7 and 1.6 times that of Firefox 2.

Safari is a multi-label web browser for Apple's Mac OS X platform. Apple released the Windows version of Safari, which supports Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. The official version of Safari 5 has been released. Multi-language version, adaptive Simplified Chinese interface. Safari5 is the perfect support for HTML5 and includes a number of new improvements.

The speed is good but the compatibility is not good. Downloading Safari Browser For Windows the link with Safari will not open Thunder , and the qq show does not support it. Many things need to be plugged in. However, the interface is very beautiful and smart, and it is comfortable to use.
By the way, Safari uses Thunderbolt method: first open Thunder, find the thing to download in safari, select the link and right click to copy, Thunder will jump out by yourself.

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Software Features Safari Browser For Windows

    Safari is the first browser to support HTML5 audio and video tags. Developers can integrate media files directly into standard web pages, saving development time and increasing responsiveness.
  Full-screen and closed captioning support for HTML5 video gives developers a richer, more accessible video viewing experience.
  With geolocation support, users who have chosen to share location information can customize personalized website content.
  Safari also supports HTML5 offline technology, a web-based application that can store information on a local hard drive and can be used at any time without a network connection.
  Apple browser features:
  Multi-threaded architecture, so that each web page runs in a separate thread, without affecting each other, faster.
  Built-in player that automatically matches lyrics, displays music spectrum, scores songs, and sets up smart playlists. Safari Browser For Windows
  Real-time updated black and white list feature to block as many illegal websites as possible to escort your web surfing.
  The Apple browser is one of the lowest-cost software currently available, making browsing the web faster.
  Apple Browser is a combination of web browsing and web search, making it easier for users to surf.

Safari Browser For Windows development trend 

  Apple Safari grows faster than Microsoft Edge

  In the browser market, Apple and Microsoft have never been direct competitors. After all, each browser solution is limited to a specific platform or device. Among them, Apple's Safari is mainly for the macOS platform, and its Windows version will not be updated in 2012. And Microsoft's new Edge is now only available on Windows 10, and there are no plans for other platforms.

  However, there is an interesting fact that even though the Microsoft Windows 10 system itself is growing much faster than macOS, Apple's Safari browser is actually growing faster than Microsoft Edge.

  According to statistics provided by market research, in May 2017, Microsoft Edge browser only increased its market share by 0.01%, from 5.62% to 5.63%. In contrast, Apple's Safari browser gained 0.12% market share growth, from 3.44% to 3.56% in a month. Safari Browser For Windows

  Of course, whether it is Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari, it is actually a 50-step laugh. After all, they only occupy a small market share in the entire market. At present, in the entire browser market, the biggest devil is the Google Chrome browser, which currently has a market share of 59.36% on the desktop platform . This means that on Apple's Mac or Microsoft Windows platforms, up to 6 out of every 10 computers have Chrome installed.

  As for other browser platforms, Internet Explorer has a market share of only 17.55%, while Mozilla Firefox has a market share of 11.98%. Safari Browser For Windows

Safari Browser For Windows System Requirmeint 

Software size: 36.4M
Updated: 2019/7/16
Software language: multi-language [Chinese]
Software category: browser class
Software License: Freeware
Software official website:
safari/Applicable platforms: WinXP, Win7, WinAll

Download Safari Browser For Windows Full version

You can start downloading Safari Browser For Windows Free Download For Computer by a single click on the undermentioned button.

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