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How to do Hard Disk Partition in Computer or Laptop

When you take a new computer or laptop, you get a single drive in it, which is a C drive, so many people do not know how to do Hard Disk Partition in the computer or laptop , in this tutorial, I will tell you that How can you do Hard Disk Partition in your computer or laptop and know how to use it before you know what is a hard disk partition partition in a computer

What is a Hard Disk Partition

Let us first understand what is a hard disk? A hard disk is a very important part of a computer, which is used to store data in a computer, all the data we store in the computer is saved directly to the hard disk, permanently means until you Until we delete the data, that data remains in the computer

 Let us now understand what is Hard Disk Partition? Partition means parting, that is, to split one thing into different parts, then this hard computer partition means partitioning the hard disk of the computer into different parts, by partitioning the hard disk, you will benefit that you You can store files in different parts according to your needs. So let us now understand how you can do Hard Disk Partition in computer very easily!

How to do Hard Disk Partition

1. First right click on My Computer and then click on Manage

2.Now click on Disk Management

3. Right click on Drive then click on shrink volume 

Now you have to right-click on the drive you want to partition, then you should see the Shrink Volume, right-click on the drive you want to partition.

4. Now enter the amount you want to partition, then click on Shrink

As soon as you click in the shrink volume, then after that you will be asked how much part of the hard disk you have to separate, that is, how many GB of partition you want, keep in mind that you have to fill in MB in the amount equal to 1024mb = 1GB If you want to split the amount multiplied by the number of GB you have to partition, for example, if you want to partition 10GB then put 1024 x 10 = 10240 in the amount!

5. Now right click on Unallocated then click on new simple volume 

Like when you click on shrink then it will take some time of 1-2 minutes after that you will see an unallocated volume below, you have to click on it and then click on new simple volume

6. Now click on Next then click on Finish

Now you have to keep clicking the number of times you come next until the finish option is reached; After clicking on finish, the drive you have created will start to be formatted as soon as the format gets partitioned.

So in this way you can do Hard Disk Partition in your computer, if you have any problem in doing Hard Disk Partition, then you can ask us by commenting or if you want to ask us anything, then you can comment below and ask Can,

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