How to factory Reset an iPhone

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Reset an iPhone (reset)

If your iPhone has issues with bugs, applications that crash, or if it merely doesn't need to begin, it's going to be necessary to reset it.

How to reset the iPhone

Here's how: 
Your iPhone encounters a malfunction and no longer responds:
  • hold down the "Home" button for about 6 seconds, until the home screen appears;
  • you can currently reset the device via the settings menu> General> Reset
  • choose "Reset all settings".
Your iPhone no longer starts: to perform the reset of the device, it is necessary to simultaneously press the buttons "Standby" (button above) and "Home" for ten seconds, until the Apple logo (the apple) appears. 

Reset iPhone X

On the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhoneXS, there is no more home button, so the procedure is slightly different. 
To reset, simply press the volume up button, then the volume down button and finally leave the finger held on the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Reset an iPhone completely (Hard Reset)

It additionally happens typically that an easy reset isn't enough to beat the bugs that parasitize your pricey smartphone or that it simply doesn't need to start out to any extent furtherIn this case, it is necessary to completely reset the phone. Here's how to proceed. 
First and foremost, be sure to back up all your personal data (photos, videos, etc.) as these will be destroyed in the process.

Via the menu

  • Settings> General> Reset.
  • Choose "Reset contents and settings".
  • Choose "Erase iPhone".
  • Confirm your selection and wait till the tip of the process.

Via iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes installed.
  • Once on iTunes, choose your iPhone and select "Restore iPhone".
  • Confirm your choice and wait until the end of the process.

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