How To Increase Battery Life of smartphone

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How to increase battery life of smartphone

Smartphone has become the need of everyone in today's time, whether to run Facebook or watch videos in mobile or search for anything as if it is not possible without mobile, now that you use mobile, then you have will be placed face battery problem in mobile in your mobile battery you very quickly run out and you are tired of putting in charging mobile frequently have their monuments Tfon (Smartphone) battery to increase life ie battery so much want to save today's article we're going to give you some tips that you can substantially save the battery in your mobile and follow the smartphones You can increase the battery life of here, but I will tell you about saving the battery in Android mobile ( how to increase battery life on android phones tips in hindi) How to increase battery life on Android Mobiles Phone Tips in English. 
There are many measures to save battery in a mobile phone, but I will give you some important and important tips that will increase the battery life of your mobile and the battery in your mobile will not be depleted so quickly, as well as making these settings for your mobile data You will have seen many saves, many times the data in our mobile gets exhausted very quickly and we do not know, so today we will give you some battery saving tips. Number ( Mobile Battery Life Saving Tips ) and is an excellent mobile data saving tips that mobile and follow they know let you save data and battery these tips Konice.

How to increase battery life, save battery in Android mobile 

1. Turn o background data of mobile

Syed, you will not know that all mobile apps are running in the background of your Android mobile, due to which the data of your mobile is spent and because of more data, the battery of your mobile is depleted quickly, you must have lost when you use the internet in mobile If you use your mobile battery very quickly, but if you use the phone without a net, then the battery of the phone is quite If you run long, it is due to mobile apps running in the background, you eat your batteries 

So in such a way that you don't want to use all the apps that you want to use in the background, then you can close the background data restriction (background data) of all those EPS, due to which your mobile battery will be saved and mobile data Also and the battery life of your mobile will increase (battery life) more than before, so follow the steps given for it
  •  Go to mobile settings
  • Now click on data usage
  • Now click on background data
  • Now close the apps you want to turn off the data

 2. Turn o auto update in play store

Another second tips to save mobile battery life is that you should go to your mobile play store and close the auto update apps, because
whenever you saw any wifi ( Wifi) and if a mobile has been updated, the Playstore updates all the apps without asking you, due to
which the battery of your mobile gets depleted very quickly, then this is also a reason why in the mobile The battery is over very

  • open play store
  • Now click on the menu
  • Now click on settings
  • Now click on auto updates
  • Now select do not update option

 3. Turn o location bluetooth wifi

Often people do not use many things in mobile but still keep it on which reduces the battery life (battery life), your Android mobile battery drains quite quickly. You must have seen when you have Bluetooth in mobile (Bluetooth ) When you use it and forget to turn it off when it is not in use, the same happens when using WiFi, then if you want to save the mobile battery, then all this Areas close them when you're not using it will definitely save some spares batteries in mobile

 4. Reduce the brightness of the mobile  

Mobile Brightness is one of the reasons for the battery to run out quickly in the mobile. If you put the brightness of your mobile in auto mode or use the brightness of the mobile in full, then the battery life of the mobile (Battery Life ) would be greatly reduced and the battery you very quickly will end at the same time bringing our mobile heat it takes to brightness due attention to minimize the brightness of battery it; I try to pronounce that you can increase your mobile battery can save car is the health of the battery (Health)

Do not commit this mistake to save battery life 

Often people adopt many tips to save mobile battery and make mistakes, then I am the only one to tell you what is wrong and you do not have to do this mistake to increase the battery life of the smart phone

  • Do not use any kind of battery saver apps to save battery life, that is why these battery saver apps completely restore the background data of your mobile, that is, but stop Do not restrain the data of your app and show you the bar ad which eats both battery and data whereas you can do all this by going in the settings of the mobile. Ail apps do not need to install 
  • Do not completely restrain the background data Most people would have completely blocked the background data in the mobile, which would stop the background data of all the mobile apps and many of your email , WhatsApp, Facebook's notifications would not be available to you. Remember

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