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kill la kill the game of pc

The game was released by Arc System Works and developed by Aplus. Aplus has developed another Trigger animated adaptation game "Little Witch Academy", but it was released by Bandai Nanmeng Palace. The protagonist tangled with the ghosts and the moon, and also exposed the main art picture including the four kings.
The game "Kill La Kill The Game" is an adaptation of the animated work of the same name. It tells the instinct of the school, which is dominated by force. The girl is entangled in the search for a father's enemies. The School of Words, with the story of the student leaders who are mainly in charge of the important forces of the school, the ghost dragons and the four kings of the student union.

Game features

Fully faithful to the original combat system, "Blood Wisdom Shows Absolute", which means the "Fighting Warfare System" familiar to fans. The specific moves include provocation, tripping and fooling.

"Blood Wisdom shows the fate" will improve the "blood level" in actual combat. When the "Blood Level" rises, it will improve the basic ability and some special nirvana, and after reaching the highest level of 3, you can release the super-killing technique of "killing the war". 

Kill La Kill If, Kill La Kill If, Kill La Kill If game, Kill La Kill If free,


IGN shared the early version of the complete battle demonstration of "Girls in Different Clothes". The presenter operated the stalker of the AI-manipulation of the Ghost Dragon Court. In addition to the fierce fight against the show, the game also demonstrated the "mouth". In the big battle, the provocative gameplay includes three options: “provocation,” “trip,” and “fool.” They correspond to different effects. The provocation will restore the SP. The trip will add extra damage & restore the health, and the fool will add extra damage.

Here, the player's operation of the Ghost Dragon Court launched "fool" success, gaining melee damage and gaining additional damage. The defensive stalker used the "provocation" to be refuted by the Ghost Dragon Court, which failed to trigger the effect. In the next round of the blood show, the Ghost Dragon Court used the "骂道" to rebut the "fool" of the tangled stalks, and also increased the melee special attack damage, adding additional damage and life recovery. In the end, after a fierce battle, the Ghost Dragon Court defeated the tangled man 2:1 and won the victory.

Kill La Kill If, Kill La Kill If,Kill La Kill If game, Kill La Kill If free,

Game news

The content of the game is likely to be made public next month, when it will be unveiled in Las Vegas, EVO 2018 between August 3 and August 5. Although the game has the Arc System Works brand, it is actually developed by Aplus. The game will be available on the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2019, but will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at the Fighting Game Show Evo 2018 in August this year.

Imperial Girl" is a battle action game based on the animation studio "KILL la KILL", which was produced by the animation studio TRIGGER and played in Japan in 2013 In the same way as the original animation, in order to find the "women who took the knife and cut" who murdered the father, they came to the "smuggling" of the instinct school, and the president of the instinct school, who knew the true face of the knife, "Ghost Dragon Academy" The battle between them will also be shown in this game.

"Music Girl Girl" will participate in the 2019 Taipei Game Show, players can play the experience version of the game at the SIE Taiwan booth, support traditional Chinese. At that time, players can play 6 characters, which are tangled, ghost dragon

Famitong magazine has exposed the magazine thumbnail of the popular anime adaptation game "Make a girl: different cloth". Famitsu said that more information will be published in the August 9th issue, and the August 9th issue of Famitsu magazine Will be on sale on July 26

From the small picture, the role of the magazine is the ghost dragon and the entanglement, and it is also the first two characters appearing in the first notice. It is very much expected that most of the game's moves can be triggered by key buttons, without the need for arrow keys. .
Kill La Kill If, Kill La Kill If,Kill La Kill If game, Kill La Kill If free,
The first is some screenshots, we can see the general situation of the actual content of the game. The game is a 3D combat action game. Players can move freely in 3D scenes. Each time the button character reacts quickly, there are also actions such as charge, small jump, defensive and long-range attack. In general, the rhythm is fast. Battle system. Although the game is a one-click trick, it does not mean that the combat system is very simple. On the contrary, players need to read their opponents well to fight.
There are two sets of restraint systems in the game. Melee attacks restrain the attack, break the attack, restrain the defense, and defend against melee attacks. In addition, dodge restraint melee attacks, melee attack restraint to see the flash dodge moves, and see the dodge moves to restrain dodge. The charge allows the player to quickly approach the opponent, and if the attack is pressed again, it can also make a charge attack. A small jump can choose one of four directions, and if you are close to the enemy or to the left, you can also quickly encircle the enemy.

Game character introduction

Tangle. CV. Xiaoqingshui Yamei.
The protagonist of this work, as a transfer student, came to the instinct school, and was good at using a huge knife, Basami, and looking for the other half of the knife.
Ghost Dragon Court is a month. CV. Teak cool incense
The president of the Student Union, which is a student of the School of Characters, is known for its force, and it is dominated by a large number of students, with a strong sorcerer who loves the knife and “shackles” under his waist.

kill la kill pc game system requirment

Game size: 3.56G
Running system: Win7
Time to market: no
Updated: 2019/7/29
Game Category: Action Shooting

kill la kill pc game free download full version 

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