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Mozilla Firefox Browser Full Version

MozillaFirefox is a free, open-source browser, Firefox is suitable for Windows platform. Firefox also has other advanced features, such as tabbed browsing, you can block pop-up windows.
Mozilla Firefox, often referred to as Chinese name "Firefox" or " Firefox ." It is a free, open source browser for Windows, Linux and MacOS X platforms. It also has other advanced features, such as tabbed browsing, you can block pop-up windows. The first browser war, Microsoft IE by "bundling big kill" achievements dominance. 1994 --98 years spared four years, Netscape miscues, acquired by AOL (AOL Time Warner has now been acquired). Netscape open source Mozilla Foundation was established late launch Firefox. Mozilla Firefox came in 2004, 2004, February 9, Mozilla Firebird renamed decided to Mozilla Firefox, referred to Firefox. December 6, 2007, Baidu signed Mozilla Firefox built-in Baidu search. Mozilla announced in June 2018 to completely abandon Windows XP, Windows Vista two old platform Firefox, recommended users upgrade to the new version of Windows.


Firefox Firefox is determined by an independent, people-oriented development of the Mozilla Web browser, the world has more than 500 million browser users to use.
  November 15, 2017 global synchronization released Firefox Quantum, brought together a variety of new features, so you can once again take control of their Web experience.
  Browser features:
  1. open network technology webvr, HTML5 and other powerful cutting-edge Web technology that allows developers to easily create more exciting web applications;
  2. Safe Browsing URL built-in security, privacy browsing and many other security mechanisms to comprehensively Protect your online privacy;
  3. customization can more easily customize every aspect of the browser, free to choose for your skin, extensions, etc. customize your Firefox browser.

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Instructions for use

firefox has blocked the earliest version of flash how to do? 
Q: Flash can not run, suggesting: FireFox has blocked an earlier version of the Run XXX "Adodbe Flash." 
 A: Recently the Flash plug-burst serious security vulnerabilities and exploit code has been made public a serious threat to user privacy and security. Mozilla decided to disable some of the low version of the Adobe Flash plug-in in Firefox, you need to manually release. Please download Flash full installation package, update to the latest version of Flash can be used normally.

Dynamic Software

According to statistical data provided by market research to understand, 2017 Microsoft Edge browser increased by only 0.01% market share, up from 5.62% to 5.63%. In contrast, Apple's Safari browser gained 0.12% market share growth, within a month increased from 3.44% to 3.56%.

  Of course, both the Edge Microsoft or Apple Safari, in fact kettle black, after all, occupies the entire market, both just a very small market share. Currently the entire browser market, the biggest devil comes as Google Chrome browser , on the desktop platform currently occupied market share as high as 59.36%. This means that either the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac platform, an average of every 10 computers in there up to six installed Chrome browser.

  As for the other browser platforms, Internet Explorer's market share, leaving only 17.55%, while the  Mozilla Firefox  , compared with 11.98 percent market share.

  August 6, Firefox (Firefox) browser developer Mozilla has begun testing a new feature that allows users to search the Internet by voice commands without the need to enter a keyword in the search box. The move may help the Mozilla Firefox browser Google Chrome than playing with more competitive browser. In this case, Google ( microblogging ) dominance in artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of Firefox will face enormous challenges, which is, indeed, surprising.

  If you use the English version of Firefox users waiting for Mac, Windows or Linux system, then you can open the trial version of "Voice Fill (Fill voice)" function, and then use the Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo in. In the future, Firefox will also be extended to other sites that feature.

update content

After a lapse of three months, the second-largest browser Firefox released today FireFox 68, FireFox 68 ESR (long-term support version) and FireFox v18 iOS version.
  The new improved view, especially in the dark mode adaptation; significantly optimized extensions, which recommended the plug after a rigorous review, malicious plug-ins can also quickly feedback Plugin Manager; as on the Win19 user AMD graphics card installed line Web renderer; while the introduction of Windows background intelligent transfer service.
  1. The option to increase the list of sites' Web site to automatically stop playing sound "feature, users can specify to allow automatic playing sounds
  2. improve the search experience: When you open multiple tabs, tab through the drop-down menu "Search tab" feature to quickly find specific tabs
  3. Scroll smoother: jump scroll appears anchored to prevent the top of the page load time image and advertising
  4.about: addons page redesigned management extension shortcut key part of the review and adjust the default keyboard shortcuts easier
  The redesigned certificate error page, including identification of anti-virus software certificate issuing authority, to help users better understand and solve problems
  6. Adoption of the web content loading process from four to eight, to improve the performance and reduce the crash rate
  7. Add basic support for macOS touch bar
  8. simpler free secret security: On Windows 10 adds support for Windows Hello, allowing users to use face, fingerprint or external security authentication key sites
  9. deep and bright themes can now cover the Windows 10 system settings title bar colors
  10. resolve an issue that causes Firefox unresponsive when downloading a file for Linux users
  More than 11 security fixes; hide the title bar for the Linux system users default to comply with Gnome Guide
  12. When the debugger is suspended, DevTools viewer is still fully available
  13. setTimeout and setInterval decrease the priority of loading during a page, the entire page in order to improve the load performance
  14. According to the latest specification, <button> element in the event distribution is no longer special treatment

Mozilla Firefox Browser System Requirment

Software Size: 43.2M
Updated: 2019/7/19
Software language: English
Category: Browser class
License: Freeware
Software official website:
Application platform: WinAllSoftware 
vendors: Mozilla (Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox Browser Full Version Free Download For PC

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