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Temple Run 2 Game 

Temple Run 2 Official version fully released this awkward November is no longer cold, "The Temple Run 2" thanks to the true feelings of November. The common choice of 1 billion users around the world, the grateful feedback of the originator of the parkour, waiting for you to open the door of the temple!

The gift of novice gift pack - Resurrection without diamonds, upgrade without gold coins? The collection is too distressing, is it too expensive to pay? "The Temple Run 2" 1 billion newbie gift packs for free! Zero threshold gift package, you come, we will send

Truth back the free demo - for the majority of players have a better experience, all the roles, Hyun, pets are there will be three free body inspection machine will be. We are responsible for all users, so that you no longer regret your own bill!

PvP Honorary Draw for True Love - In the era of national challenge, honor should belong to the winner! The temple will reward all PVP winners with the appropriate honors and redeem your favorite items!

The true resignation of the 0.1 yuan resurrection - pk field is still a little victory mistake? Is it 100 meters away to complete the daily task? What if there is no diamond resurrection? Grateful 0.1 yuan resurrection to help you solve the distress!

 Temple Run 2, Temple Run 2 Mod APK,

The characteristics of the Chinese version of the Temple Run 2

Frequent misunderstandings of game characters can cause frustration for you, but the new game doesn't have to worry about it anymore. Maybe you have learned some role-playing games, and your characters are in the game. After you hang up, you have the chance to "resurrection". You can continue to explore the previous highlights. This actually reduces the difficulty of the game, making the challenge high score and long-distance become no longer unique
  For the whole game, the new generation of "Temple" will make your eyes shine from the more exquisite picture. Despite the various terrains and gameplay, how long the old players can maintain this is still the biggest challenge of this game. More content, a deeper adventure, is not foreseen by the evaluation, and the rest is left to the player to explore the taste.
  On the screen, unlike the previous generation, this concept adds the concept of terrain to the scene, including the winding course, the towering stone wall sculptures on both sides, and even the mine caves, etc. In the channel, the parkour also makes the game more compact and creates a sense of tension in the experience, especially the feeling that the character in the mine is riding on the rail on the track, which makes the game change the monotony of walking.

  In terms of reward collection, the second generation has not changed much compared with the first generation. Sometimes there will be random rewards higher than the position of ordinary gold coins on the way. There are many kinds of players. The players can jump to collect and activate their different functions, but because the terrain is more For the sake of three-dimensional, the rewards can be seen in the plane, and there may be slight deviations in the angle. When the character is accumulating a certain amount of gold in the running, he can trigger the "invincible running" state.

Temple Run 2 Game Download For Android Full version

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