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YouTube SEO - Hello Friends! Welcome to your Technologynouman blog. So in this article today we are going to talk about YouTube SEO, what this YouTube SEO is. What is the advantage of this YouTube SEO and why is this SEO required for every YouTuber. If we know things in detail in this article, then stay in this article.

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Seo tips for youtube videos 

What Is YouTube SEO 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is a trick to get your videos ranked. Some settings are fixed in this SEOIf you want to rank anything on the internet now, first of all, remember about SEO Let's do it.

If you do blogging then you will know what SEO is and how important it is for all bloggers. You will know that with the help of SEO, we can get our blog article to be ranked in Google. article SEO to get ranked necessary as the YouTube Video is SEO necessary to get ranked on YouTube.

You will know that competition has become very much in every field nowadays, especially in the field of YouTube and blogging. If you want to rank your product i.e. videos and articles, then you have to pay special attention to your products. And good articles and metadata have to be used in the articles.

But nowadays people make new channels on YouTube and leave only uploading videos on that channel, but SEO is not done on that video.

[SEO For YouTube]

So below I have told you about the SEO of YouTube, how you can do SEO in your YouTube videos and how to rank your videos.

Attractive Thumbnail

If you want to SEO your YouTube video, first of all, you have to make the Thumbnail of your video a little different and Attractive. Like this Thumbnail that people can click on and watch the video. Should be related to your video. It is not that the video is something else and Thumbnail is something else. And you create a Thumbnail which has a little suspense. Be forced to know what is in this video, so this is a very important link in YouTube SEO.

Use Description In Video

This description also proves very helpful to get your video ranked. When you upload the video to YouTube, then you have to implement a lot of things in the description of your video. So what do you implement in this description? What to do is explained below.
First of all, write your video in the description of the video, which is about it or what has been told in your video, in two lines.

After this, if you have any link related to your video, then you have to implement that link in the description as well.

If you have a website or blog, and also implement a link to the Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in the description.

Use Keywords or Tags In Videos

These keywords or tags which are there, it is very important for every YouTube video to be ranked. If you do not know what these keywords or tags are, then let me tell you what keywords or tags it is related to your video. There are keywords that are searched more on YouTube. So you have to collect those keywords or tags which are related to your video. And all these keywords have to be saved by putting them in the Tag section of the video.

Use Hashtag (#) In Videos

You will know how famous Hashtag is nowadays. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, Hashtag is used a lot on all these platforms. Maybe you do not know that Hashtag helps in finding anything on the Internet.

So you also have to use Hashtag in your YouTube videos. In a video, you can use only three Hashtag. Or you can use Hashtag in the title of the video or in the description of the video. So this Hashtag you must use

 Use Video Related Title

The title that you will use in your video should be related to your video and a little attractive. Whether you make a video on any topic.

 Video Content-Type

It does not matter which topic you are making the video. But always remember that the topic on which you make the video should not be copyrighted. And nowadays people do not like to watch a lot of big videos. So you always have an average length Let's try to make a video. So that people will also like it. And when people watch your video as long as possible, YouTube will promote your channel yourself and show it in the recommended videos. Egakjisse Your channel will automatically rank.

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