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Get Rank #1 With Latest SEO Strategy

Hello friends! Welcome to your technologynouman blog. So in this article today we are going to talk about Latest SEO Strategy To Rank # 1 in 2020So what is this and how can we implement them in our Blog Post. And we will know all these things in this article. So stay tuned in this article to know more.

What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine OptimizationSO if you are a blogger or you do digital marketing, then SEO is the only strategy through which we can easily rank the posts of our blog or website.

Nowadays there has been a lot of population in the online industry. So it is obvious that competition will also be much. So in this competition, this SEO salt weapon is used to keep people behind themselves.
SEO is an intangible activity. SO, this SEO is not a very difficult task to do. But it is as easy to listen as it is difficult to do.
And with the help of this SEO strategy, we can easily rank our post in the # 1 position in Google or any search engine.

What are the types of SEO?

SO we have now learned about SEO in detail. And now we will also know about the type of SEO. Because perhaps you do not know that we cannot do SEO in any one way.
So to do this successfully, we need to know about different types of this SEOSO you have been given all types of this SEO below. And you will get all the information to read in detail.
  1. Technical/On-Site SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO/Backlink

What is Technical / On-Site SEO?

So technical or on-site SEO depends entirely on the infrastructure of your website or blog. And if the on-site SEO of your blog is not good, then your blog may not rank in life.
And talk about on-site SEO, then you have Domain Name & Server, Page Speed, Site Architecture, SSL Certificate, 404 Errors, Brocken Links, ➤ Mobile-Friendly & Site Responsiveness, HTML Errors,➤ Rebots.txt & Sitemap settings have to be optimized.
So if you follow all these instructions in your blog or website, then the on-site SEO of your blog will become a very good star.
And if your blog on Blogger, you have a blog with On-Site SEO ➤ To Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger
  Should be used. And this is a totally free tool. So the link to this tool is available below.

What is On-Page SEO?

So after On-Site SEO, it is the turn to know about On-Page SEO. And On-Page SEO, we have to optimize the Contents and Meta tags of individual pages or posts of our blog or website.
So if you want to do on-page SEO in your blog, and you get quality content in your blog post, ➤ keyword Optimization, HTML Headings(H1-H6), Light Images with ALT Text, Use Internal & External Links, Use Short URL, Meta Title & Meta Description Have to optimize.
And if you optimize all these things well in your blog post. And the on-page SEO of your blog will be completed. Which will rank your post quickly.

What is Off-Page SEO / Backlink?

And many times it happens that even after doing On-Site SEO and On-Page SEO in our blog, our post does not rank. So in this case we do the process of Off-Page SEO in our blog. And this process is also very helpful. Nowadays almost all bloggers must use this Off-Page SEO.
Another name for Off-Page SEO is Link BuildingYou must have heard from many people that make backlinks and rank the post. Of your URL's And means Backlink to any other website Link to | But there are two types of backlink.
  1. NoFollow Backlink
  2. DoFollow Backlink

What is NoFollow Backlink?

So right now we know about this NoFollow Backlink. You can also call it NoFollow Link. URLs or links that Google is forbidden to Crawl. So we call it NoFollow Backlink.
And NoFollow Backlinks we can easily make. So to make it, we can go to the comment section of any post.

What is DoFollow Backlink?

And now it's your turn to know about DoFollow Backlink. These are the links that are instructed to Crawl Google. And Google Crawl that URL quickly. And your blog ranks quickly.

And DoFollow Backlink, we can easily make contact with the owner of a site. And you will find many such forums or sites on the internet. And where you can easily create DoFollow Backlink for your blog.
So Friend, how did you like our article and any questions related to it - do not forget to comment for the answer and if you liked this post then definitely share it in social media. Thanks

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