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Temple Run 2 is a parkour game. Temple Run 2 is a sequel to Temple Run. Although the gameplay has not changed much, it has been optimized and updated in many ways, which is very good for players who like to play parkour games.

Temple Run 2 game introduction

Spring returns to the earth, everything recovers, the global classic parkour game Temple Run 2 ushers in the Arbor Day version, the new gameplay that everyone expects-the competitive mode is coming, are you ready? Quickly match, fight against the heart and soul of the competition, whoever reaches the finish point will win, the difficulty of the map escalates, use your finger to challenge! When the season starts, the people will be on the top ranks to win rich season rewards. Will you be the ultimate top 100? Newly added character Lantern Fairy, full of immortality and splendid spring, cute cat beckoning cats start to make fortunes! The Peach Blossom Branch Cumulative Collection Game is here again, collect peach blossom branches on any map, and there are many gifts to send!

Temple Escape sequel Temple Escape 2 strong starter landed in us, leading the world!

Temple Escape 2 is a sequel to Temple Escape, which has brought a remarkable response from the world!

Temple Run 2 Android Version is released, Temple Run 2 sequel, Temple Run 2 has landed in us, leading the world! Dangerous cliffs, iron us, mines, and forests are all curses from temple idols! How far can you escape

With over 1.7 million downloads, Temple Run is redefining mobile games. Get more exciting running now, jump, spin, and slide your love temple run 2!

As you try to escape the cursed idol, navigate dangerous cliffs, zip lines, mines, and forests. How far can you go?

temple run 2, temple run game download, temple run mod apk download,

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

1. In the game, if you encounter some broken roads or slate block roads, you can pass through the way up or down, that is, jumping or sliding.
2. Sometimes encounter small collapses, you can jump or pass along the edge. Being accidentally tripped, the speed drops monster appears.
3. Don't jump the cliffs in the game, basically, they are all forks, just turn left or right.
4. Just jump when you encounter the sling, you can shake the phone left and right to make the protagonist tilt his body left and right.
5. In addition, in the mine, we only need to shake the phone left and right. It also needs to slide left and right when encountering some forks.

Temple Run 2 Gameplay skills

How to maximize the benefits of gold coins?
The answer is to exchange gold coins for gold coins. Gold coins can also be used to upgrade character skills, such as doubling gold coins within a certain distance, doubling the magnet time, increasing invincibility time, and increasing the frequency of props. Upgrading magnet skills is a very good choice. It allows you to automatically absorb more gold coins in the same distance. Players can focus on the escape during this time, which can greatly reduce the chance of death.

How to start the runaway mode?
The answer is to choose a character with a runaway skill. If you are a newcomer to the temple, it is recommended to choose "Red Fox" Scarlet, as long as you run 5000 gold coins to unlock. Collect gold coins while running, and once the energy bar on the upper left is full, you can start the runaway mode. Once the skills are released, you can ignore all traps and automatically find directions, which can be said to save the player a lot of worries.
If you want to increase the excitement of the game, then choose to increase the frequency of props! A variety of props can help you get a higher score!

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Temple Run 2 System Requirements

Game Name          Temple Run 2 Mod Apk
Android Version   4.0.3 and up
Category                 Action
User Reviews         4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version           v1.66.1
Size                                 99.4Mb 
Downloads                 500,000,000+

You can start downloading Temple Run 2 Mod Apk Android Games by a single click on the button.
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