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Antichrist will be from the seed of the Jews, the two feet will be perverse. Hair will be hit over the body,

The color will be red or frumentaceous, like the hairs of the head will be like the nose beak, the left eye will be in the right eye to the grapes. On his forehead will be written, a, a, a, and every Muslim will be able to read it easily.
His eye shall be a needle, but the heart will remain awake initially, he shall be with the claim of faith and counsel, but as a little followers will be available, he will judge Prophethood and again. The ride will be too large that the middle distance of both his ears will lettuce 40 yards.

One step will take the distance, the Antichrist will be a strong liar and a high level of Shabde, he shall have the pile of dust and the rivers of water, all the treasures buried in the earth will come out with him like the Bees of honey. Gadjal who believe in the Lord of his lord, he will send down rain on them, causing food to drink, and fruits in the trees.

And he will say: if I give life to your parents, what will you confess by my lord? People will respond in a certain. Now the demons of the Antichrist will appear with the shape of the parents of the people, so many people will be left with faith. The speed of the gale will be much faster and more like hair, and will desecration to every soul in the world, taking the juggle and plunging, and backing up all the enemies of Islam and the hatred of the Jewish ummah around the world. He will educated in Mecca, but he shall not penetrate the face of the angels, and will fail to turn back to Medina.

Then there will be seven gates of Medina, and every gate shall be the escort of angels. So there will also be fable of mouth. At the same time, there will be three times the earthquake, which is terrified, and many of the ungodly will flee out of the city, and the Antichrist shall swallow them like a morsel.

The elders shall come out of him for a discussion, Aorkhas shall come into his hosts, and they will ask of him, and will yards the words of the people, so that they may decide to kill him, but a few of them shall turn away, and say, ' Our God Antichrist
It cannot be executed without the permission,
, So that the elders will be brought to the court of Antichrist. Where he will come, he shall know that thou hast cursed the antichrist. And the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave us the news of your own exodus. The Antichrist will listen to the news and make a decision to kill him.

The Antichrist will say to his disciples, "Now if I bring it again, will ye be convinced of my God?" The group will say that we are already coming to believe in God, but this miracle will increase our belief.

The Antichrist will try to resurrect the two pieces of the elderly, and they shall stand by the Divine commandment, and will say, ' Now I have believed that thou hast cursed the antichrist, and it shall be a sorrow for them, and it is now his power It shall be taken away by the Antichrist, and he will cast them into the fire, and it shall become a coolness and a furnace for them.

Then he will approach Syria, but before reaching Damascus there will be Hazrat Mehdi (PBUH). Antichrist will remain in the world only forty days a day each year will be a month and the third is equal to a week, remaining normal
Al-Mehdi (loudest), as soon as the Oafradi of Damascus, will begin to fight for the war, but the situation will apparently be in favour of the Antichrist, because he has میںدھاک the entire world on the bill of his physical strength, so his defeat will be hard But the help of Allah is all-forgiving, all-strong.

Hazrat Mehdi Salam and all Muslims will be preparing for war with the Antichrist in Damascus with this hope. All Muslim prayers will pay for the Jama Umayyad in the ancient Shahrah Horizons mosque in Damascus. With the organisation, the Order of the army and the organising of the alignment against Jews, Mehdi (PBUH) will make it the center of its military activities in Damascus. And then the same place will be their head quarters. The Prophet (pbuh) will move towards the teaching of one day to teach the prayer, when Jesus will be the only
To be free from prayer, people will come out for the Antichrist, the Antichrist will see Jesus as it is mixed in salt water. Then Jesus will rise further and kill him, and the tree shall cry out the چھپاہے, saying, the spirit of God is a Jew behind me, so they shall not leave any of the disciples of the Antichrist.
Then they will break the cross, that the cross will kill the swine, killing the pork, and after that it will be an abundance of wealth money that no one shall accept it, and they will become the ones that have been with them, prostrating themselves before him in the world and Better than that.
(Muslim, Ibn Maajah, Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi, Tabarani, princes, Ahmad)
(The یادرھے that the tribulation is happen to all انبیاءعلیھم of the Antichrist, while this Sunnah today is erased
لھٰذااس Sant Klive کرتےھوئے This post read the children of اوردوسرں to.

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