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Risk of war `

US-Iran tensions. Who hit.
The views of the world and then Pakistan are going to be sent to Pakistan soon enough to send this message to Pakistan, saying that it will be considered against the United States in this war, to give shelter to the US army in Balochistan against it.

Pakistan has given such a message to Musharraf, saying that Pakistan with us against Pakistan will be considered against this America in this war.

Musharraf made any discussion, making any condition, America called Welcome, on which the United States was disturbed because the United States' main goal was Pakistan.
Then what happened to you all?

The game was said that Pakistan will never agree and we will leave Afghanistan and run on Pakistan

Why Iran's largest friend and business partner India is also silent?

While the Indian Chamber of America lives in TC 24 hours, I mean TC and the US knows its own
So where does India live in this whole world?

Why Saudia is also silent on the move towards Iran's nuclear warfare
While Saudia and Iran are themselves the enemies of each other?
Where does Saudi Arabia stand in this war?

On the other hand, Israel is stopping the United States from fighting directly with Iran and is targeting Saudi Arabia to fight with it?

There is a debate that, where has the United States and Iran fought for the war?
Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia
Pakistan is Balochistan

Because of the large and secure borders of Iran, they are found in the countries

There is also a debate, what will be the benefit of the person and who will benefit from this war
Of course, the person who stands with America will benefit from that, he will earn a lot of dollars
Like Pakistan
The US has benefited from this facility for a long time in the Afghan war and taking billions of dollars a year as a relief.

Well, we are forgetting that where borders and borders of Pakistan and Iraq are connected with Iran, Turkey border is also associated with Iran.

Toast in the story

America and Turkey are also considered to be one of the main competitors of each other
So is it being shouted for Turkey?

Because all the 100-year-old sanctions in Turkey are going to end in 2023. Where is Turkey going to Turkey if 100 years of sanctions have been praised by the development of 100 years?

Now this question also stands out, where is Turkey going to fight in this fight?

Please come back

Turkey is far away, 50% of Iran will have to conquer Iran and to conquer Iran, to conquer Iran and Pakistan and Iran border is located in Baluchistan, and Balochistan is becoming a pack!!
The name of C-pack comes to our mind as China is pleased with China's favor. Now the world says anything at this time, the world's economic superpower is China and the expected superpower is also the US. Where is brave digging?

China will not allow the United States to step down in Baluchistan, because China has gained billions of rupees on Gwadar port and it is unfortunate to say that Gwadar has a 1 hour equivalent of Iran's border. That is, the border near Iran in Gwadar is Gwadar
And a very suitable place for war

If Iran and America are in a war, America takes steps in Balochistan, then our CP takes 30/40 a bark line.
Now I remember a man of Mujahideen General Hamid Gul Rehman, before he died, saying, "On the day the United States will attack Iran, come on that day and urine my grave."

Even today, I have said General Hamid Gul is more important because he said that the target of the US is not Afghanistan or Iran, it is Pakistan's development and nuclear assets that are disturbed by the US.

And news from oil and gas reserves had been very hot since last days, and suddenly it was announced that the oil reserves were not received, while the headline of 3 days ago was saying it was drilling to examine the number of oil reserves. Start the process?

1. Drilling the apple mobile
2. Pressure Cook
3. Drilling is complete
4. Processing the quantity of sugar starts to be processed
5. Take a drilling place in a safe Naval security zone
6. Drilling off
7. US Iran Tanks
8. Just three hundred kilometers away from the Iranian border
9. Disclaimer of the open sea
10. Meeting with Pak Navy Chief Imran Khan

Certainly, the matter has become a security
Iran is India's sixth anniversary. Now, how will the United States want to say that the oil has come out of Pakistan because the only nuclear power of the region is Pakistan and if the oil also comes out, then economic power will also become us, then the government of Pakistan on this region And the way to America will be closed.

It is a matter of fact that there is a problem between Pakistan and Pakistan
The trial is a stand for the Pakistani nation
Just keep the name of Allah
# Writing
Sharing in at least five groups, it is your first obligation to do viruses..You will have to do something for Pakistan. You are the army of Pakistan. At this time, Pakistan is facing external threats, with severe financial crises.
Let's put hands in the hands to make sure that the dead will fight together with Pakistan and its people until the dead die.
Pakistan lives
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