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Beauty is not a Qualifications standard! 

Amna Khan
You must have heard that beauty is not in the face, but in the eye of the beholder. That is, what we think is beautiful. Beauty is not the standard of merit, that is, the quality of a human being. Cannot apply.
If a poet who said that every face is an impostor, then perhaps the reason for this is that the eye of the beholder can decide.
Who is beautiful for that? It seems to be true for the heart. But the question is whether this thing is true for the mind too. That is, even if the brain is functioning, do you think your favorite face is beautiful? Because beauty has a certain standard in every society and on that scale, the human mind decides on which society it belongs to.


From this point of view, whoever is really beautiful or who really needs to be considered beautiful and thus whatever the heart may say, the mind keeps trying to tell the heart. What you think is beautiful is the beauty in your society. Or not.
The beauty of every human being is different. Every human being is beautiful in itself. The beauty of the dead is not in its shape but in its words.
A person who looks so beautiful looks just as attractive.
But in reality, outward beauty is the opposite of real and true beauty. In our society, beauty is dominated by real and mental beauty. Of course, beauty looks attractive to the eye, but only and only outward beauty can any human being. There should be no standard of competency, it creates a sense of humor in society, and the intelligent people who are an asset to a society become out of sight.
For the development of any society it is imperative that beauty should not be considered as a standard of a person's ability, but that his mentality should be given priority by keeping all its deficiencies and qualities aside. And beauty or ugliness should not be disturbed in its work, and it is a recognition of an original and progressive society.


In our society today, beauty is considered above ability.
The age of whites can never be outdated. Science is still in the process of inventing new ways for those who are not white. Apparently, the beauty of the outlook is that in this society, some people still prefer the abilities more than the beauty.
Misrat Misbah is an example of those who have introduced themselves to a class of women who have lost their identity. Regardless, Misrat Misbah has shown by his example that the outward beauty is not the standard of living. There are many women in Pakistan who have made Pakistan's name clear because of their abilities.
Ayesha Farooq is the first Pakistani fighter pilot who has made the country famous not only for women and has proved that women are no less.
Mahek Gul is a six-year-old athlete who proved that he has something to do with Umar's qualification. Praveen Saeed, who started his own business called 'Dinah Ghar', provided hot food for Rs. Was the one who helped thousands of poor people and thus set another example that a beautiful person has a heart and not his shape.


There are many examples like this in the West.
For the development of our society it is essential that we prioritize competence on beauty and do not make beauty a standard of competence so that each person can move forward and work for the development of the country and contribute to the development of the country itself. Also avoid this beauty contest and let the rest of the people around you self-esteem so that everyone can grow.

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