The Statement of animal sacrifice - eid ul adha sacrifice

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Eid ul adha sacrifice

The Statement of animal sacrifice

Offering the three type 1 camels 2 cows 3 sheep male enrolled in these animals was as nuayn or substances may be the sacrifice of an order to all neutered or neutered is a buffalo cow Count and his 1-year may be a sacrificial goat, including sheep and lamb in may he also be offering offering of goat kid of 2 years should be old camel herds 5 years etc. lamb sheep etc. I'm older than sacrifice, but if it is not justified to be more preferable than the age of the animal must be free from faults. If a fault near Anne will be ugly, but it will be and if it will not be high - the animal's horn is permissible to sacrifice not by birth, but if you were horny and broke and broken up Meng is invalid if less is so broken - which is madness in animals and to the extent that they Charita animal sacrifice is not permissible if it is permissible if the limit is not - I'm neutered and whose testicles have been removed or mjbub azuyy of the testicles or penis has been cut like their old animal sacrifice -atna the child is not being or fired was not down to to milk the animal yjs allowed them offering - the fat while itching is so stricken animal sacrifice and if this sacrifice is not core to the bone to be emaciated if not - do not sacrifice blind animals - they eyed pin-eyed animal which appears to be his sacrifice not be justified - not his brain so emaciated animals whose bones Job offer is not valid - so lame animal that can not walk your feet up to the altar, it is not permissible to sacrifice - so sick that I was even offered to be her being sick - I cut off the ear of the animal or tail chopped they have been cut or be cut more than offering them illegal azuthay If an ear or tail or has permitted to be less than chopped by a third - which is not congenital ear of the animal or an ear that is what I am not permitted to sacrifice unless ears small - not having teeth, it also sacrifice is not permissible - (tooth order to be legitimate offerings based not it the case that the fallen animal teeth from a disease if it is not inherently tooth sacrifice is justified - a cut which thin or nobody is so dry it was also offering a thin dry enough to illegal is illegal in both dry goat and cow - which is through the nose or treat Kitty The milk was drying her sacrifice is illegal - meaning that filthy animal that eats his sacrifice is illegal -

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