Increase the beauty of the face tomatoes, Chehray Ki Khoubsurti Timatar Se Barhaiye

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 Chehray Ki Khoubsurti Timatar Se Barhaiye

Increase the beauty of the face tomatoes

The most important role in the face of the face is that our skin should never be overlooked. Most likely women understand how to make the skin quick, but everything will be done. It will be fine. Please keep in mind that this idea is absolutely wrong .If our skin is not fresh, it will never make a good makeup. The beauty of beauty is the foundation of the skin, if the skin is soft and shiny, then it is long enough. But there will be no indications.

The face of the face is also important in the context that they can hide our age and also increase the skin's color, whether any of the things in which the face is fascinating.
First of all, it is important to keep you calm to get rid of clean skin.

Take positive sleep and keep your diet balanced. After that, protect your skin externally.


Tomato plays a very important role for outdoor skin protection. It is considered very important due to the cooling and cooling of the tomato .Prima tomatoes are full of vitamins C, which can be asymmetrical as nausea as well as nausea skin. And makes it attractive .Our skin needs to be healthy and well-being also requires vitamin A.
Vitamins are also found in a small amount of tomatoes.
The salts in tomato help keep the skin balanced and reduce lubricants quickly. In addition, antioxidants involved in tomato fight against germs. Some uses of tomatoes in the tub, through which women can not make their skin very beautiful, but they can bring more stress and attention. .
Fresh red tomato juice add a spoon and two drops of four lime.
Then apply this mixture on the face with a rope. Let it put it on for the first time for 15 minutes. Then drain cold water .Usently use a smoker .Your skin will be tasty.
Take out a fresh tomato pulp to clean the skin from nail ache, then put this cow on the face and let the pulp face put for an hour. Then face dust from half water.
A week's continuous use will make better results.
An excellent mask can be prepared from Tomato, which is called tomato and ovodo cluster mask.
Octkadu has the ability to shrink and repair the skin.
Vivamin AB12, C and Vitamins D are found in Aquarius in Okuda. They are very useful for health and physical comfort.


To make a mask, make a small tomato and a ovodal paw. Mix them well and apply the mixture on the face .20-30 keep the room and drain it with semi-hot water .You will feel comfort and freshness.
Tomato displays his natural magical degree on the skin of the face. He is used in a form of mask or used as a pharmacist. The mathematical pulse is only a carpenter, if it is poured on an hourly face and then dried with half water. The color does not come out. Theater is not a health but also a protector of beauty.

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