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Increase the beauty of hands too

The attractive personality is also on the handsome and clean hands also. The women with nails and fry nails eliminate their beauty. These are the hands that make a woman's image better, thus protecting her Hey, keep hands also need the same attention as the face. The hands have their own language that glorifies the person sitting in front of it.
But most of our women do not care about the care of their hands. Make the hands beautiful from the following batteries?
Lymph juice is very useful for the skin of skin. Its use not only softens the skin of the hands but also sinks in color .So apply any lotion or cream on your hands before leaving.Because the sun shines the skin of the skin.


To keep them moisturized, make sure you choose a good quality.
The main part of the hands is nails in the hands of hands. Nails grow a mild metaphor, decrease in blood, severe type of diabetes, disease and mental stress affect the growth rate of the nails. As long as the nail is not attractive. The new polish has its own unique position, choose the colors of your personality, clothing, and weather.
If your nails are broken, add a spoon gelatin to a glass of water and paste it with a fresh lime and warm it. Lunch drain doubles, glasinin a spoon, lime juice, a spoon, make it a bathroom Or keep it in the kitchen. Whenever you get time after washing or washing, wash the hands well and dry and get this lotion well.

How to blend hands

For blonding hands, you keep lambs on your hands for ten minutes. Apart from this, salt can also help reduce the color of the hands. The lungs are four teaspoons of tea, two glasin tea springs, half lime juice. Tea Bracelet. Mix three of these items and put them in a palace or put it in a bathroom or kitchen.
Finish the work and dry the hands well and dry them. Your hands will become more beautiful.


Make hands handsome with exercise

1. Who closes the sweets of both hands, now open the sweets with a shock, linger the fingers. Repeat this process 10 times.
2. Press the rubber balls of the same size slowly press them in both the hands.
Do this for the mission.

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Do not ignore the arms and stories

The lime will be used in your house. Meet her peel daily on the sheets and arms. This can make the process easier by watching TV, talking on a phone or reading the newspaper. It is possible to mix some water or milk in the furnace. Put it on your own arms and elbow. When it is drying it, it will disappear from the arms.

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