The basin turnout of the basin outward face, Baison Nikhare Chehre Ki Khobsor

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Baison Nikhare Chehre Ki Khobsor

The basin turnout of the basin outward face

Salim Anwar Shah

Basin nail is considered suitable for treatment of acne acne. It has all the characteristics of lightening the dark color and due to environmental pollution on the skin, all the properties of cleaned mud crushed are present in it. Bison (chest flour) Is being used to protect beauty and beauty. Bison specifically works to clean skin quickly and work as an acoustic.
In fact, the basin was the most important part of the ancient conventional treatment. In particular, the bride's body was scrabolded from the basin to embark on the bride's body.
Bridal scales contain basin basins, rice flour, crushed almonds, dyeing and turmeric ingredients.
Therefore, the natural glow used to be glutenous without the artificial leopard in ancient times of the bride.

Sunglasses flashes like gold, Senserabins can play a key role in making your skin silver milk.
Basin is considered to be suitable for the treatment of Pamples. Due to the light of deep skin and due to environmental pollution on the skin, all the properties of dust, traffic smoke, and gastrointestinal waste of the skin, are available in it. Before using the basin on your skin, make sure that the basin is flavored or flattering, always use freshly prepared basin.
Otherwise, you can get more confused hypnosis by scratching your skin. To get a quick glimpse of your skin, prepare a fee pack for yourself from the basin at home.


For dry skin

Basin is not only specific to protective skin skin, but it is also proved to be a great discharge for the dry skin. Basin is used in various types of processes using various methods.

Take 2 meal poles in a bowl, add milk or upper, honey and 1 inch turmeric powder to make the best sauce. Leave this fee pack on the face and leave for 15 minutes. When the pack gets dry, wash water Clean up. This fee pack proves to be a very ideal model for dry skin skin. It provides a lot of help in cleaning skin quickly and moisture moisture.

Women with dry skin try this fee twice in the month, you will feel comfortable changing your skin.

For a quick skin

Basin copper for a quick skin proves a lot of effect. These flowers make a specialty absorbing extra oil as well as absorb the skin as well as make the skin soft, soft and shiny.
Instead of using a chemical ingredient fee wash or soap, instead of adding few drops of lime in the basin to the day after washing the mouth, the face will look unclear and the face-to-face oil is also very high. It will be less. The procedure for creating a very easy fee pack for women's owners is that adding a few drops of rice in the basin, apply this pack on the face and neck.

When the pack gets dry, then mix the face well with semi-hot water and clean all the basins. You can add milk milk in this pack and apply it on the face. Can be used twice in the weekend.

Nail acne and drain

Make sure to make the basin-made fee pack daily on a daily basis.
Honey is the ability to fight germs in the honey, which allows honey to help reduce the skin and prevent the skin from the skin. Mix it with mixture of sulfur powder, turmeric powder and chicken roses. By using all these packages you can succeed in achieving salvation from the Uncle People.

Skin spots on skin

To eliminate Acne Wakespeople, add cats in the basin to prepare paste and apply this fee pack to the whole face.
If it is dry then drain it with semi-hot water. Apply this pack regularly with a regular basis daily. This will help in removing the face of the spinal stain, and also helps in skin absorbing and absorbing your skin. .

For a lighter skin:

Only one pack can be used for all kinds of skin. Mix bananas, lime juice and turmeric by mixing bundles and preparing paste by adding roses and applying packs on the skin and after drying. Dust. Daily use of this pack will not only help you to draw your color, but it will give you the charming Wisdom line.

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