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Bandicam Screen Recorder

bandicam screen recorder and Fraps and Dxtory are collectively known as the world's top three game recording artifacts by the majority of game video recording enthusiasts. Among them, Bandicam free download is the most outstanding high-definition video recording tool, which is definitely the first choice for video recording enthusiasts!

Basic introduction

Bandicam is one of the world's high-performance HD video recording tools. The advantage of Bandicam is that it has low requirements for computer configuration. Some computers with lower configuration are usually out of sync. The use of Bandicam can avoid this problem. bandicam download full free. The video recorded by Bandicam is small in size and clear in the picture. It can record high-resolution video of up to 2560×1600 (1080p full HD video can be done). When recording, you can add your own LOGO to the video, support BMP, png, and Screenshot of jpeg format.bandicam full version free download

bandicam screen recorder, bandicam screen recorder review, bandicam screen recorder free download for pc


 It can record computer screen, computer sound, and microphone sound at the same time.
  The recorded video has a small capacity. (1/5 to 1/20 level of existing procedures)
  If the hard drive has enough capacity, you can record video for a long time in 24 hours.
  Unlike other software, there is very little slowdown on the computer (Lag).
  Support image screenshots (BMP, PNG, JPG) and continuous screenshots.
  A webcam video can be added to the recording object screen. (Combined webcam screen in real-time, PIP function)
  The recorded video can be uploaded to Youtube without coding. (Upload 720p and 1080p)
  You can record the computer full screen, or select a specific area to record video.
  Support for recording video at the scheduled time, using the auto-end timer function.
  High-compression can also be achieved by hardware acceleration and fast recording of HD video.
  Support CFR function, compatible with video editing software such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere.


 First, you can choose the game window or the designated area for video recording

  1, full-screen recording: can record full-screen games and window games.

  2, window (area) recording can be recorded

  (1) The vast majority of full-screen games

  (2) Window game

  (3) Online video or music

  (4) Web games

  (5) Screen operation, etc.

  Second, record video: first run the software, enter the game, press the shortcut key (default F12) to start recording, then press F12 to end recording, press F8 to pause.

  Third, the game screenshot: first run the software, enter the game and press the shortcut key (default F11) to take a screenshot.

  Fourth, HD settings: The first is the "size" setting. According to Youku's official super clear standard, the upload video resolution must reach or exceed 720p (1280x720), the code rate must be above 1.5Mbps, first determine the resolution of the monitor you are using, if it is 19-inch widescreen, it is 1440x900, Then your "size" must be set to "full" or "width" value of 1280. The encoder is optional MPEG-1 and Xvid, and the VBR is selected, which is the dynamic bit rate. This function can judge the real-time bit rate according to the complexity of the video picture, and can reduce the video volume under the premise of ensuring the recording quality. Record quality is recommended to choose 100, to ensure the quality of the original file to better guarantee the quality of the output video after rendering transcoding. The key point here is that the encoder's default MPEG-1 L2 will cause the VideoStudio rendering output to be wrong. The program is forcibly closed. Although Vegas can complete the transcoding, the output video only has no sound. After changing to PCM, everything is normal. It is recommended to use PCM.

bandicam screen recorder, bandicam crack screen recorder review, bandicam screen recorder free download for pc

Update log

Improve recording when changing display resolution during the recording
  Improve DirectX compatibility
  Increase error message pops up if there is no output folder
  Solve the problem that some games of DX12 are not recognized ( Tekken 7, etc.)
  Resolve the dual monitor resolution is not the same when recording follow the mouse mode BUG
  Solve the problem of stopping the software when clicking the setting when the main audio device option is not the default

Bandicam System Requirement

Software size: 17.8M
Updated: 2019/6/21
Software Language: Simplified
Software category: screen recording
Software License: Freeware
Software official website:
Applicable platform: WinAll
Android version

Bandicam screen recorder for pc crack download full version

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