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Kingsoft Pc Software

Kingsoft Internet Security is the latest high-intelligent anti-virus anti-virus software launched by Kingsoft. The Kingsoft Internet Security anti-virus software download has full platform, full engine, comprehensive online shopping protection and incorporates heuristic search, code analysis, virtual machine virus

Kingsoft Anti-Virus is a highly intelligent anti-virus software developed by Kingsoft Software Co., Ltd. Kingsoft Internet Security software has been greatly optimized in terms of performance and experience, while file security scanning time is 10% faster, system resource usage is reduced by 30%, and security software is no longer equal to resource consumption.

Development path

 In 1997, Jinshan established the Kingsoft Internet Security R&D team.

  In 1999, the "Red Genuine Storm" campaign created a miracle of over one million software sales, and Jinshan became a flag of the Chinese software industry.

  In November 2000, "Drug King" was successfully listed, and in the first year, it became one of the top three anti-virus software in China .

  In September 2005, "Jinshan drug tyrants" landed in Japan , causing strong domestic and international repercussions.

  On October 9, 2007, Kingsoft Software successfully listed on the Hong Kong main board. Become the only general-purpose software listed company in China.

  On August 18, 2008, the company was born.

  On October 13, 2008, Shell Internet Security Technology was born.

  On April 12, 2010, Jinshan Security Software Co., Ltd. was established, and Jinshan Security Business was independent from Jinshan Software Group.

  In August 2010, the company was able to acquire shell safety.

  On November 10, 2010, Jinshan Security and the cattle network merged. Jinshan Network was established and announced the launch of the “FREE” strategy. Kingsoft Internet Security is permanently free.

kingsoft internet security, kingsoft pc doctor, kingsoft pc software

Software related

In the years before 2006, domestic anti-virus software can be described as Jiangmin, Rising, and drug tyrants. The anti-virus software in the charging mode has been very moist. In 2005, Zhou Hongyi, who made 3721, founded Qihoo Company, started with security guards , and then represented Russia's anti-virus software Kaspersky, and finally launched its own anti-virus software - 360 anti-virus, and provided it to users free of charge. The other domestic soft killing is still a charging model, which has brought a big impact on the entire soft-soft industry. 360 anti-virus, which is the only one that is free, and the 360 ​​security guards launched first quickly accumulated a large number of users.

In the charging mode, the Kingsoft Internet Security team launched a free software that is still nostalgic in 2009 - Jinshan Net Shield, the charge of Kingsoft Internet Security with the free Jinshan network shield, and soon Jinshan Net Shield broke millions of users, and finally Increased to 70 million users, 360 stared, 360 plagiarism Jinshan network shield launched 360 network shield (Internet industry is not only China, all kinds of plagiarism, even more surprised, often the initiator or because of timing or because of resources, etc. Can not be the biggest beneficiary and subversive). The anti-virus software of the Internet free mode has a huge impact on the traditional anti-virus software industry, which was mainly based on the charging model. The commercial competition in this industry is very fierce and unpredictable. Under such fierce commercial competition, Kingsoft Internet Security wants to live. In the past 10 years, Jinshan Security and the company founded by Fu Sheng merged to form Jinshan Network Company, and in the same year announced that Kingsoft Internet Security was completely free.


The installation animation is new and simple.
  A new flat visual style. Abandon the old shield design, using a blue transparent crystal bubble ball, the interface is lighter.
  The five main functions (acceleration, speed, cleanup, antivirus, mobile phone) are integrated into the small dome of the accelerator ball. The entrance is light and easy to use. Keep your computer safe anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to the traditional list form and bring a new scanning experience. The scanning project is intuitive and clear.
  Fully optimized cloud killing performance, wider scanning range, faster scanning speed, and improved performance by 20%
  The first to accelerate the ball mapping function, through the QR code to quickly open the PC and mobile phone.
  The boot speed is increased and less system resources are occupied. Effectively reduce the average, peak CPU usage.

The main interface and the virus killing function are combined into one, returning to the soft nature and focusing more.
  Full support for win10 operating system, guarding security is not compromised.
  Support for cleaning up high-risk privacy, rogue promotion software , bundled installation software, garbage cleaning , software management and other common functions can be convenient for users.
  With the world's first KVM heuristic engine, the virus is nothing.

It is said that the new version uses a functional modular design, what features users need to add, such as garbage cleaning, browser protection, advertising filtering, etc., instead of pre-installing all the features in the initial installation.
  The new version of drug tyrants reduces I/O read and write, reduces system resource usage, improves cloud engine response speed, optimizes virus cloud killing performance, and scans faster.

  On the user interface, Kingsoft Internet Security also moved closer to the popular flat style, but did not blindly pursue the "flat", still have a certain three-dimensional sense.

  In terms of function layout, the five most commonly used systems such as system acceleration, network speed protection, garbage cleaning, virus killing, and mobile assistant are integrated into the small accelerator panel. The design of the old shield was also abandoned, using a blue transparent crystal bubble ball.
In terms of operating system support, Kingsoft Internet Security has continued to take care of the old Windows XP/Vista in addition to the mainstream Windows 7/8/8.1, and has added initial support for Windows 10. The official release of Windows 10 is still far away, but the technical preview version has been open for download. Many domestic technicians and IT enthusiasts have already tasted it, and Kingsoft Internet Security can run normally.

Software features

Full scan
Computer problem, one click solution
Blue core IV engine
Leading industry in killing ability
Software purification
Rogue promotion, complete elimination
Win10 support
Edge browser exclusive protection
Theme skinning
Variety of skin, personality

Kingsoft System Requirment

Software size: 51.4M
Updated: 2019/7/31
Software Language: Simplified
Software category: Jinshan Security
Software License: FreewareSoftware 
official website:
Applicable platform: WinAllSoftware manufacturer: Jinshan

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