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Google Chrome Browser logo, Google Chrome Browser pc windows

Google Chrome Browser  for windows 

Google Chrome GoogleChrome is a simple and efficient web browsing tool developed by Google. At present, the browser market share is absolutely the first. Google Chrome brings users a high-speed, stable and secure web browsing experience.
Google browser (Google Chrome) are developed by Google web browser. The browser is based on other open source software, including WebKit and Mozilla, with the goal of improving stability, speed and security, and creating a simple and efficient user interface. Google Chrome supports multi-tab browsing, and each tab page runs in a separate "sandbox". When security is improved, the collapse of one tab page will not cause other tab pages to be closed.

The chrome browser is faster and faster than other browsers, and it doesn't look like any other browser with chrome. Professionals love to use chrome, but it takes up a bit of memory. Chrome now has a browser market share of more than 60% and is basically invincible. Summarize why chrome is the mainstream:

1. Synchronization : Multi-end synchronization based on Google account. Can meet the strong need for bookmarks, browsing record synchronization, and so on. security: sandbox design, asynchronous process architecture, plus Google Safe Browsing, pre-download detection mechanism and more.

3. Fast: Still, if you use it too fast, you don't like slow.

4. chrome extensions: a variety of practical extensions, compared to the firefox extension, the browser itself has less impact, hot update. Some of them are mandatory for the Internet. If the chrome web store can't connect, you can go to some stores in China, you can download it and install it offline, or you can install custom scripts directly. These gadgets are sometimes very useful.

5. Concise: Now the UI of the browser is learning from each other (or plagiarism), I don't know if Chrome's UI is original, but the simple interface is indeed a big advantage, especially the latest Chromium, even hiding the address bar.

Of course, there are also shortcomings, such as online banking, many do not support Chrome, there is memory, and the copy of the text inside the link is also a major drawback.
Google Chrome Browser logo, Google Chrome Browser pc windows

Google Chrome For Pc

Software features

  1, speed

  Google browser (Google Chrome) browser pursuit of a full range of high-speed experience, it can be quickly launched from the desktop, and can quickly load the page, but when running complex web applications is the Thunder less than their ears.

  2, simple

  The Google Chrome browser window has a streamlined, clean, streamlined design. For example, you can perform search and navigation through the same box, and you can arrange tabs as quickly and easily as you want.

  3, security

  The Google Chrome browser gives you a more secure online experience with built-in malware and phishing protection, automatic updates (which ensure you get all the latest security patches), and more.

  4, privacy settings

  Google Chrome gives you control over your private information while helping to protect the information you share online.

  5, custom

  You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience by customizing the Google Chrome browser in a variety of ways. Whether it's changing settings or adding apps, extensions, and themes from the Google Chrome web store is a breeze.

  6, login

  Signing in to the Google Chrome browser allows you to use the same bookmarks, history, and other settings on all your connected devices. This will also allow you to automatically sign in to all your favorite Google services.


  I. Quickly close the tab. I
believe that most people still use the mouse to directly click the close button to close the label. You may know that Chrome specifically optimizes the label closure. After each click is closed, the label width is automatically changed. Continuously click on the mouse at the same location to quickly close multiple tabs, so the efficiency of closing with a mouse click is not low compared to other browsers. However, this excellent detail can't be done with fixed tags. In addition, if you close it with a mouse click, it will be too boring for a geek. Today, Geek Park recommends two other quick closing tabs. How to do it: 1. Press Ctrl/ + W on the tab to close the tab (for any tabs to close) 2. Click on the button to close the tab (press the wheel) (the easiest to close the tab) The quickest way) In addition to the Ctrl/+W shortcut to close the tab, you should also remember to Ctrl/+T to quickly open the new tab, Ctrl/+Shift+T to reopen the newly closed tab, Ctrl/+Shift+V Quickly combine shortcuts such as plain text in the clipboard, see the official guide. 

  2. Inter-device synchronization tab
As smart mobile devices become more and more important in their lives, they can open up desktop and mobile data, and the unified experience will be more and more popular among users. In this regard, Chrome has done a good job for the time being. In the past two years, Google has launched the official Chrome andriod version (requires 4.0 or above) and the Chrome iOS version (requires 4.3 or above). Sync tabs, stored bookmarks, and omnibox data that are open on your desktop to your phone or tablet with the ability to sync bookmarks, sync passwords, send to mobile devices, auto-login, smart suggestions. Let's take a look at the synchronization feature of Chrome by taking the synchronization of tabs between different devices as an example. The Sync tab requires the corresponding version of the device, ensuring that the "Open tabs" checkbox is selected. When both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome are logged in to the same account and are online, they can be on the new tab (press Ctrl/ ⌘ +T ) In the lower right corner of the "Other devices" view, click to open the synchronized tab on the current device. Open tabs are grouped by device. To manage (hide, rename, delete) specific devices, you can go to the cloud print page settings. 

  Sending Tabs to Mobile Devices
In addition to synchronizing data such as bookmarks and tags between different devices, Chrome can also send the currently viewed tabs directly to mobile devices associated with the same account with one click. If you installed the Chrome Dev version and associated the Chrome version under other devices, you will find a mobile phone icon on the right side of the address bar, click on it to send the current page to the mobile device. (Other versions need to install the official Chrome to Mobile plugin 

  . 4. Tab Smart Search
You may know that you can search directly in the address bar in Chrome, or you may know to directly select the text and then right-click on Google Search or Copy and paste and search in the address bar, but you may not know the Tab search. So what is a tab search? If Chrome has recorded the search engine for the site (that is, if you used its search box within a site), pressing the Tab key will automatically select the search engine for keyword search, which means you can directly target the specific Website search. (Some similar to the in-app search built into Windows 8) I don’t need to open the watercress first, then click the Douban movie and then search in the search box... 

  5. Chrome dragging tips
can be dragged and uploaded in Chrome. Drag and drop the download file, you may also know to drag the label (left and right to change the position, inside and outside the drag and drop back to the window), in fact, the content of the web page can also be dragged. 1. Drag search (address bar, tab bar) 2. Drag the image (address bar, tab bar) 3. Drag the link (address bar, tab bar, bookmark bar) 4. Drag local HTML, picture, pdf file (Address bar, tab bar, bookmark bar) Dragging the corresponding element to the address bar will search/open the element content in the current window. If you drag it to the tab bar, the new window will search/open. 

  Using speech recognition search
If you see a text box with a microphone icon in Chrome, it means you can enter it by voice.Instead of typing in the keyboard. Simply click on the microphone icon or place the cursor in the text box and press Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + . Voice search is especially important for mobile devices that are inconvenient to enter. This is why the voice search service is the first to log in to the mobile platform ( The mobile version of Chrome has a voice search function in the address bar by default. 
  VII. Chrome ExperimentsGoogle
has a website called Chrome Experiments, in which you can browse a variety of innovative experimental presentations written in JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL, such as fun and fun games (Cube 3D maps), interactive movies, novel and amazing. Impress.js (content display effects library, similar to 3D version of PPT), Kinect+WebGL, and other useful libraries. Also added a page dedicated to mobile devices this year.

Google Chrome Browser Free download For Windows Full Version

You can start downloading Google Chrome Browser by a single click on theundermentioned button.

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