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Opera Browser Pc

Opera browser is a powerful browser from Norway, with features such as network synchronization , password management , speed dialing, network acceleration, etc. Opera supports a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris, BeOS, OS / 2, QNX, etc. in addition, Opera also use the phone version, in 2006 signed a contract with Nintendo, Wii and NDS provides tours instruments Opera browser software; also supports multiple languages, including Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The skin can also be changed at will by drag and drop in custom mode. After downloading an extension of about 10M, it even allows you to use voice control and read web pages (in English). And all of the above, including the right-click menu, can be customized by the user. 

Software features

More powerful image bookmarks 
The fresh image presents each bookmark, no longer a simple text description, no longer a monotonous label display, and each theme is clear at a glance. You can manage the collected bookmarks by folder sorting, and quickly search for them, which is very convenient and easy to use.

Opera browser, Opera browser free download , opera windows browser

Faster speed

Video playback is faster thanks to built-in video support. The built-in PDF viewer also allows you to view documents directly in your browser, and Opera Turbo enables network acceleration when the network speed is slow, making it easy to access more websites across the corporate intranet.

More personalized private Opera

Extensions add more browser features, such as ad blocking, online translation and more, and themes can beautify the look of the browser, with nearly 200 well-designed themes to choose from. Explore and download a variety of extensions and themes to create a more personalized Opera desktop browser.

Speed ​​up slow network speeds and access more websites

Opera Turbo compresses the page, allowing you to browse the web faster in all situations. This mode can even speed up access when the connection speed is slow. And smoothly help across the corporate intranet and access more websites.

Safer network access protection

Opera can help you stay away from malicious website threats and give you a warning before you accidentally enter the website. No longer worry about unexpected computer troubles.
Help you get into your favorite websites faster, without delay
The most frequently visited websites can be grouped directly on the custom start page with the enhanced Speed ​​Dial feature. Quickly search and access your favorite content with optimized search and grouping.
More unexpected gains
With the “discovery” function, you can discover new things from a wide variety of categories. It is more convenient to read in Chinese, and you can see the latest current events and netizens at a glance.

common problem

1. What is the Ou Peng browser?

Opera Oppen Browser is a mobile browser for all kinds of mobile platforms, small and powerful. The interface design is simple in style and easy to operate. Fast, super-saving traffic. You can enjoy a comfortable browsing experience when you are browsing Weibo , reading novels, and reading news.

2. What are the advantages of the Ou Peng browser?

Save traffic and compress data through the server, saving you up to 90% of your traffic. (It can be set by selecting the image compression quality, etc.), and the advantages are obvious compared with similar products. Small size, adaptability, and support for smart/non-smart phones. The generic version is a Java program, and as long as your phone supports Java, you can use the full functionality of the Oppen mobile browser. It can run on most phones that support Java on the domestic market. At the same time, the Oppen mobile browser also released a better version of the special edition for Symbian and Android platforms. Rich in content, Ou Peng mobile browser can not only browse Wap pages, but also access web pages, support zoom browsing (similar to iPhone browsing mode), you can conveniently browse the website that was previously only available on the computer.

3. What is the safety of Ou Peng?

The Ou Peng mobile browser is currently the most secure mobile browser. The Ou Peng mobile browser transmits data, including encrypted transmission from the mobile terminal to the server, and cannot intercept your data to get your information.
4. Where can I find the version number of the Oppen browser?
In Help > About Ou Peng, you can see the words "Version xxxxxx", which is the version number of the Ou Peng mobile browser.

Update log

The first major change in Opera 60 is the addition of a warning that will appear when you run multiple tabs when you try to close the browser.
This kind of hint is now added to the browser, which seems a bit strange, but it has always been one of Opera's main flaws. In fact, as a former user of Opera, I accidentally closed the browser more than once, especially since my bad mouse jumped on the screen from time to time.
Starting with Opera 60, such an accident should not happen again. If there are multiple tabs in the application running, the browser displays a warning asking if you are sure you want to close it because you have multiple active tabs. Disabling this prompt is easy because it comes with an option called "Do not warn me when closing the window."
If you disable this option but want to add it later, all you have to do is launch the browser and go to this path:

  Settings > Advanced > User Interface

Opera Browser System Requirment

    • Software size: 102.8M
    • Software Language: Simplified
    • Software License: Freeware
    • Applicable platform: WinAll
    • Updated: 2019/7/26
    • Software category: browser class

Opera Browser Free Download For Pc Full Version 

You can start downloading Opera Browser by a single click on the
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