How to solve mobile hang problem solution

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How to solve mobile hang problem solution

Friends, if you used a smart phone, you must have faced a mobile hang problem at some time or you may have seen your mobile hangs many times, then you do not know why your mobile hangs. What is the reason for mobile phone hanging and how can it be fixed? Well, there can be many reasons for a smart phone to hang, there is less RAM in the mobile, less inter Be L'storage, the virus come etc. Phone In this article we give you some tips that follow and you can solve Hung problem in your mobile How to solved the mobile hangs problem Tips in Hindi ( How To Solve Solve Mobile Hang Problem Solution in English ), what is the reason for being mobile hung, you will get information about all these things in this article

Although it is common to have a smart phone hang, almost every smart phone hangs, but you have seen that when we get a new phone, our mobile phone does not hang at all at that time and neither does it slow down but as we do in the phone like the mobile apps do use and install our phone is gradually slow (slow) and mobile phone hang ( mobile hang ) seems to be the reasons which led to our phone hangs Is there and what should we do when the phone is slow

Why phone hang (Mobile Hang) because phone hangs

  • Running multiple mobile apps simultaneously, ie multitasking, often hangs the phone. 
  • Due to lack of RAM, the phone becomes slow at times and mobile apps open very slowly which causes mobile hangs. 
  • Most of the mobile hangs even when the internal storage is full in the mobile. Many people keep everything in the phone's internal storage by saving photos, video music, which makes the storage full and the phone hangs and becomes slow. 
  • Mobile cache and hangs even when not deleting cache files 
  • Installing large amount of apps in mobile is also a reason for mobile hung 
  • Using heavy apps in low memory and RAM also causes the mobile to get hung up a lot. 
  • Many times the virus gets into the mobile phone, it also causes the mobile to become slow and hang.  

How to fix Mobile Hang Problem 

 1. Delete unnecessary data: 

Yes friends, there are many unwanted data in our mobiles which have no use in the mobile, due to which the internal storage of our mobile is increased and you will not know whenever you open a website or mobile app. Cache files and cookies in our phones are stored in the internal storage of the mobile, which is one reason for mobile hang (mobile hang) to delete the cache file. Follow these steps for setting> storage> cache

how to solve mobile hang problem solution

 2. Stop unwanted apps 

If your mobile will have a lot of such mobile apps whose usage reduces you a lot, then you can force stop all those apps, because these apps run in the background which use REM, then REM will be more useable. Due to this, many times your mobile hangs (Mobile Hang), then you can stop those apps, then follow the steps for this: Settings> Application> select app> Force Step

how to solve mobile hang problem solution

 3. Move internal apps to SD card 

You must have seen that all the apps we install are saved in the internal storage of our mobile, due to which the internal storage of our mobile gradually becomes full and our mobile hangs (mobile hang) starts. all of these apps to SD card ( SD card can move in) so it can use any third-party apps went to the Play store app to move the memory card Mitigation for

 4. Delete heavy apps 

Many people install heavy mobile apps or games many times due to less storage and less RAM in mobile, which is one of the reasons for having a mobile hang ( if your mobile RAM or internal storage is less then you are heavy Delete EPS and use only light apps

 5. Avoid multitasking in low RAM

Smart phone is designed for basic multitasking, but if your mobile is low on RAM or storage or if you do not have a good processor, then you should not open more tabs in the browser or more mobile apps. Slows and uses REM as well, due to which your mobile hangs (Mobile Hang), in such a situation, you should close the multiple tabs which apps you do not use. Do not.

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