How to become a doctor

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How to become a doctor 

We all have a purpose in the life of people that if you want to become a great and successful person after studying in life, someone wants to become an engineer in your life, then someone wants to become a doctor in their life, everyone wants something in life or something. the wearer wants to be, but how they way do not know is how we in this article is to Achieve your M (Aim) so today we're going to tell you a doctor (Doctor) reading can become targets B we have complete way to tell would be to do what you do to create a doctor Con Con C studies must ( How To Become A Doctor What Are The Steps In English ) How do Bekome a doctor tips in HindiWhat are the steps? How should one study for a doctor to become a successful MBBS doctor?

It is a matter of pride to be a doctor, but becoming a successful and good doctor is not so easy. To become a doctor, you have to study carefully with a lot of hard work and dedication and study diligently why everyone becomes a doctor It is not just a matter of hard work but it also costs people; If people are unable to bear the cost of studying for a doctor, then in this post, you told about all these things Be a doctor ( Doctor) What to do to create the life they come in about how much it costs to others to create a reading which one subject doctor

Things needed to become a doctor 

1. You must have a PCB subject in 12th. 
2. Each subject should have at least 50% marks. 
3. English language should be good 
4. Hard work will be necessary to become a doctor

How to become a doctor What to do to become a doctor 

To become a good and best doctor, you have to study many things along with it, you have to study with hard work and perseverance, so let's know what steps you need to follow to become a doctor. to become a doctor in English) What are the steps to become a doctor.

 1. After passing 10th, select Biology subject.

If you are currently in class 10 or below, then after passing 10th to become a doctor, you will have to take a science subject. This is the first step with Biology, why without 11th and 12th Study science you cannot be a doctor, you have to keep this in mind
  • Study Physics well in 11th and 12th
  • Study the biology subject well and bring good marks
  • Pay more attention to the study of chemistry 

2.  Prepare for the entrance exam 

Before passing the 11th and 12th class, start preparing for the entrance exam, if you have to become a doctor, then for this, after passing the 12th class, you have to enter the entrance exam i.e. Entrance Examination to get admission in the college. You have to clear it only then you can study the doctor, and the entrance exam is very hard, many millions of children participate in it, if you do not have a good study Renge so you will not have entrance exams are held surely in mind

  • Read the Subjecto of 11th and 12th, well, do not forget to read why you are asked questions on the basis of the entrance of what you have studied in 11th and 12th in the entrance exam and keep in mind at least 50% of your marks in 12th. Should be in every subject then only you can sit in the entrance exam
  • Start preparing for medical entrance exam from 11th class only, why your exam is very smooth and after passing 12th, you do not get time to prepare for entrance exam
  • You can take coaching for preparation of entrance exam, there are many institutes that make you go for medical entrance exam
  • With the help of internet, you can get preparation or tips for entrance exam at home, if you do not have money for Tussan fees, then you can prepare for entrance exam by sitting at home through internet.

  3. Apply for the entrance exam

As soon as you have cleared the 12th class with a good marks and you have done the entrance exam preparation well, then you can fill the entrance form or if you are studying in the 12th and the final exam is still left, then you can also go to All Pakistan Medical You can fill all the India medical examination or state level forms, remember that the entrance exam will depend on the marks that you will get which college, then the entrance exam After Dassault come is counseling (Counseling) and the rank of base pay receive college Ames ( AIIMS ), MH Siiti MH - CET), Aaimpiti (AIMPT) can give large entrance exams like etc.
To pass the entrance exam, you have to pass the entrance exam to become a doctor, only then you will get a good college and you can become a doctor, as well as if you bring good marks, then you can get a government college in the entrance exam You will get a lot of fees i.e. money, below are some famous entrance exam for which you can apply.

  •  AIIMS Entrance Examination – All Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
  • AIPMT – All Pakistan Pre-Medical/Pre Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT)
  • MH CET - islamabad Common Entrance Test
  • DPMT – Lahor University Pre-Medical Test
  • PMET – Punjab Medical Entrance Test)
  • UPMT -jhelum medical entrance Test

 4.  Pass the medical college with good marks

So as soon as you pass the entrance exam and go to a good college, then you have to study for about 4.5 years, then you have to study well if you want to become a successful doctor, after that you will get about 1 It is necessary to do an internship in a medical college for a year to become an " MBBS Doctor ".

 5. Do an internship to become a doctor

After completing a doctor's education in a medical college, it is very important for you to do an internship in a medical college for at least 1 year, that means you have to study a total of 5.5 years to become a doctor as soon as you study MBBS. After completing an internship, you are given a degree by the Medical Council of India (MCI), after which you can become a doctor in a hospital.
After this, if you want to become a specialist, then you can do further studies after completing MBBS, that is, you can do post graduation in a doctor, so in this way you can become a successful doctor. 


To become a best and better doctor, you have to work hard. If you are thinking that it is easy to become a doctor, then you are thinking wrong. Many students start preparing for medical entrance exam from 11th class, which is a good thing, so you too can adopt these tips, there is no smile in the world. 

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