How to make mobile convert to comoputer

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How to make a mobile convert to computer

Who does not want to use the computer nowadays, everyone wants to use a computer or laptop, but buying a computer is not so easy as it is very expensive but if I tell you that you can make your mobile a computer. your mobile can use a computer in today's post how to tell the screen of the computer to the phone's screen Shri like overseer can use
Here we are going to use an Android app to make the screen of the phone like a computer screen, with the help of which you can change the user interface of your phone to make it like a computer screen, for this, install the mobile app You have to do that only then you can use the computer in your smartphone, let's know-how.

How to make a mobile convert to computer

1. Install Android App in Computer launcher

First of all, you have to install an Android app in mobile and install it, you can download it by going to the Google Play Store or you can download the app by clicking on the download below, which is called Computer Launcher and it Installs

 2. Open the app

After downloading the Android app, open it now. As soon as you open it, a screen like a computer will appear in your phone as you can see in the screenshot below.

 3. Now click on this PC in mobile 

Now if you want to check your mobile's memory i.e. file manager, for this you can click on this PC and use the SD card of your phone.

 4. Click on the window icon 

If you want to use your phone's apps, then for this you can click on the icon of the window. Just like we press the window button to use the apps on the computer, similarly, the phone button will have to be pressed on the phone as well.

Note: Here your phone does not work like an original computer, it will just change your phone theme ie what is shown on the screen, after this, you will give some features of the computer that you will feel that you can use the computer in the mobile Have been

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