How to Increasing use of alarming / insecticide poison for bees

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How to Increasing use of alarming / insecticide poison for bees, reduced

  • In the last two decades, the use of pesticides has increased by 48 times, neoniconoids being the most dangerous
  • Neoniconoids are currently being used more in farming due to their cheaper
Science desk.The use of chemicals in agriculture is poisoning the bees. This has been revealed in recent research. American scientists say the neonicotinoids present in the insecticide are proving toxic to bees and reducing their numbers. It started in 2005.

After spraying such a pesticide, when the bees pollinate the flowers that emerge in the plant, it reaches into it and becomes fatal. Decreasing their numbers will cause crop production to fall and economic distress for farmers.

Use of cheap pesticide increased

  1. According to research published in PLOS Journal, pesticide use has increased by 48 times in the last two decades. Researchers found that organophosphate was used in pesticides earlier, which had a longer effect than other pesticides. But at present, the use of neoniconoids has increased in agriculture.
  2. Currently, such seeds are also being made available, which are already coated with pesticide chemicals. When these plants are formed, these chemicals are present in every part of them, even in pollen. Which the bee uses during pollination.
  3. A research conducted in China has also revealed the death of bees due to such pesticides. In China, a chemical called Adjuvant is added to pesticides, which can cause large-scale death of bees. According to researchers, neonicotinoids are a highly toxic chemical to insects. Which in some areas is reducing their number by 90 percent. 

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