Top 10 reasons why traffic does not come from Search Engine on Blog

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There is no traffic on the blog from search engines, meaning there are some shortcomings in the blog. Getting a search engine traffic after creating a blog is a difficult task, which we also call organic traffic. Running a blog is easy, but bringing Search Engine Traffic is not that easy

Every blogger wants to run a successful blog , where he shares quality and unique content and gets lots of traffic. But he makes a lot of common mistakes that make his blog the next level

In this article, I blog from Search Engine on Traffic

If your blog suddenly has traffic

Let us now know what could be the reason why they can be corrected in the absence of traffic on the blog.

low-blog-traffic, Top 10 reasons why traffic does not come from Search Engine on Blog

Top 10 reasons why traffic does not come from Search Engine on Blog

1: Your blog is not indexed

The biggest reason is that you are not getting traffic from Search Engine, maybe your blog is not index. Once your blog is indexed, the blog starts coming in search.

On demand, the search engine automatically indexes the blog. But to speed up this process you can submit your blog to different Search Engines, as your site becomes more popular, search engine spiders will go more often and index your content faster-
  1. An XML with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin
  2. Submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools .
  3. Submit your sitemap in Bing.

2: Do not select the correct keywords

Selecting the right keywords is a challenging task. Before starting any article, Keywords Research

After searching keyword, type the keywords that people are actually searching for. During your Keyword research, make a list of keywords that are beneficial to your audience and which are searched more than 500-600 times per month.

When choosing keywords, pay attention to search volume, competition, and commercial value. Choose a keyword that is relevant to the blog, has low competition and has good commercial value.

I would like to tell you that if you are new to blogging, then select the right keywords and use long-tail keywords, long-tail keywords easily rank in SERPs .

How to do free Keyword Research If you want to know it, then its information on HMH is available.

3: You are not using Catchy Headlines

Did you know that headlines are the most important part of a blog post?

A Catchy Headlines helps to get a better CTR , as readers only look in the headlines to decide if they will click on the link. Therefore, it is necessary to have good and catchy titles to attract search engines and your Target Audience. Try including your focus keywords in your headlines.

Make sure your title is a long-tail keyword; second, make sure it is in the tag.

You will find tips on how to write good titles .

4: You are not knowing your Target Audience

When blogging, it is important to know your Target Audience. Determining if there are enough potential customers for your business will help you identify if you are in the right place. You have a Niche Website and you have to know your audience. When they are browsing your blog, what do they want to read and what content are they interested in reading?

To understand these, you can use Google Analytics

5: Your blog posts are not long

Blog post long

But according to my experience, content quality and long posts are very important to Google. Google's job is to find high-quality long posts, you should have a target of writing at least 2000 words.

By writing a long post, it does not mean that in anything you write, you have to write the information related to your topic so that whatever the user comes, the complete information will be found in one place.

For example, if you wrote a 500-word blog post or someone else who wrote a 2000-word blog post, Google would put the long article at the top of the SERPs to have that information available in detail in that post.

6: You are not Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the most important things to completely index your blog .

Content link is a strong signal for both search engines and users that the content you are linking to is really good. Internal Linking allows good website navigation and structure, and search engines allow websites to crawl or spider.

Internal linking also helps in reducing the Bounce rate of your blog .

Internal links also help search engines know which topic is on the website and the website has a case content.

Internal links will improve your CTR (click-through-rate) for your Google Adsense revenue .

You can see the correct lending of the internal link in this post, all the necessary links are given in it.

7: Not Optimizing Your Blog Image

Blog image optimization is another effective technique to get traffic from search engine .

If you want more traffic, you need to learn how to optimize the blog image. Many Internet users search Google to find images and these photos bring traffic to your blog through Image Search .

Make sure that you have used your focus keyword in Image ALT text.

8: You are not updating your blog regularly

If you are not updating your blog regularly, you will not get regular visitors to your blog. You need to be consistent to get search engine traffic, search engines also look for regular and updated content. If you post regularly and consistently, then you are correct.

To get traffic from the search engine you need to follow SEO properly. If you have optimized your blog for search engine, then Search Engine will send readers to your blog, you will have to learn how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post .

9: Not having the correct robots.txt file

Robots.txt is your blog's important file. It tells the search engine that the site's page and file should be indexed and displayed in the search and not the site.

Ensure that you are allowing the search engine to crawl and index your blog, you can view the Robots.txt file as:

10: You are focusing on Link Quantity more than Link Quality

There are many ways to achieve Quality Link . You should focus on Link Quality, not Link Quantity, a link to a popular blog can do more than hundreds or even low-quality directory links for your search engine ranking.

I agree that it is difficult to get backlinks from popular blogs but they are worthy, they are a more reliable measure of the quality of your website.

In the end:

Friends, whatever experience I have had in my blogging career, I have a lion in this article, which does not bring traffic to our blog. So now you have fun commenting and telling you how much this information was, and which mistake you were making which did not bring traffic to your blog?

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