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People are now using social messaging app WhatsApp not only for talk but also for business. Some people are even using WhatsApp for illegal activities. The government and police have always been warning WhatsApp users to add content. In this case, you should know what you can and cannot share on WhatsApp. Otherwise, the police will pick you up by your slightest mistake, and you will be jailed. Here we are telling you 10 things not to forget on WhatsApp. So let's know, do not forget to share these 10 things on WhatsApp, 10 Things You Should Never Share on WhatsApp in English.

10 things even on WhatsApp WhatsApp-Never-Do-It-This-Work

Now you have to use WhatsApp carefully, otherwise one of your WhatsApp messages can get you arrested by the police and you can also be jailed.

Do not do these things accidentally on WhatsApp

Do not forget on WhatsApp, this 10 work or else the police will pick you up from home and you may have to eat the air of jail. Never do this on WhatsApp or it could be jail time, never do such things on WhatsApp.

1. Whatsapp Group Admin

If you are an administrator of a WhatsApp group, then the police can arrest you in case of any objectionable message, even if it is sent by a member of the message group.
The WhatsApp group administrator will be arrested for sharing objectionable messages by any member in the WhatsApp group, he may also be jailed.
For example, a WhatsApp group administrator has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat district. Because his anti-country post was being put in his WhatsApp group.

2. Posting Offensive

Police can arrest anyone who shares objectionable messages, photos, videos that create any kind of tension on WhatsApp.
Treason, wrong talk against a person without any proof, sharing objectionable photo of a person can feed you the air of jail.

3. Hurting religious feelings

India respects all religions India is a country that respects all religions, here every person has the freedom to accept the religion of his choice.
If you are sharing content against the religion of a particular person on WhatsApp or hurting his religious sentiments, then you can be arrested.

4. Messages Inciting Violence

If a user is sharing messages, videos that incite or incite people of any caste or religion on WhatsApp, he can be jailed.
The government does not want anyone to use WhatsApp to spread violence. There is a stringent law for this, the police will pick up the person from his home.

5. Promoting Prostitution

The government is doing everything possible to prevent incidences of prostitution. But some social elements are resorting to social media to promote prostitution and prostitution.

Anyone who shares messages related to porn, prostitution, and prostitution on WhatsApp will not only be arrested but will be imprisoned.

6. Spreading fake/fake news

You must have seen the false news posts of popular celebrities on social media, the government is now taking action against those who do so.
If a person shares a false and fake photo of a famous person on WhatsApp and spreads false news, then he will be arrested.

7. Insulting Women

Some people use the wrong language words they want for everyone on social media. The government is now taking action against it as well.
Now if anyone shares messages, photos, videos related to the insult of women and violence against them on WhatsApp then they will be arrested by the local police.

8. Using a Fake Account

More than half of the accounts on Facebook, the largest social networking site, are fake. But now action is being taken against such people.
If you are running a WhatsApp account with someone else's name or number, then action will be taken against you, even arrest can be made.

9. Making hate messages

Nowadays it is common to troll anyone on social media. But now doing this can become a big problem for you, yes if you do, you may be in jail.
Not only the group admin will be arrested for messages spreading hatred towards any religion or any person, but WhatsApp users who do so will also be arrested.

10. Purchase and sale of Bain items

WhatsApp is used to promote your business, product, and service. But if someone buys or sends things that have been banned by the government.
So the man will be arrested and he may also be jailed. Because buying and selling goods banned by the government is a legal offense.

In conclusion,

WhatsApp should be used to talk to each other honestly. If you use it to do the wrong things, then I want to tell you that the government listens to everything you do.

Everything you do is recorded on WhatsApp. Therefore, do not think of yourself as smart and follow the rules of the government of your country with WhatsApp.
Fake news, pornographic photos, messages promoting prostitution, fake accounts, women's greenery, people who hurt religious feelings and incite violence will not be forgiven.
Therefore, not only avoid sharing any such content on WhatsApp but whoever is doing it, report it immediately, so that action can be taken against it.

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