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If you know how to run a computer, you will also know, but if you have knowledge of computer keyboard shortcuts, then running a computer becomes even easier. Today in this post I am telling you about some such Keyboard Shortcut which can make many of your work even easier. In this post, we will learn how to run a computer without a mouse and what can be done with the keyboard. Let us know how to run a computer without a mouse? Hindi information.

How to run a computer without a mouse using the keyboard shortcut, How to run a computer without a mouse easy-simple,

Today with the help of the keyboard shortcuts that we are going to tell you, you can make the mouse work even without the mouse. Also, after knowing about these keyboard shortcuts, you will know more about the board than before.
With the help of these Keyboard Shortcuts, you can do your important work with the keyboard even if the mouse is damaged or not. So let's know how to run a computer without a mouse with keyboard shortcuts.

How to run a computer without a mouse using the keyboard shortcut

This is the top shortcut of the computer keyboard, from which you can work the mouse from the keyboard itself. If for some reason your computer mouse goes bad, then this keyboard shortcut will help you a lot.

1. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert and Ctrl+X

You can copy from Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Insert and test cut from Ctrl + X.

2. Ctrl+V and Shift+Insert

You can paste text with Ctrl + V and paste with Shift + Insert.

3. Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y

You can UNDO the text with Ctrl + Z, as if you press text Ctrl + X key button, you can undo it by pressing Ctrl + Z button. Similarly, pressing Ctrl + Y can redo the text.

4. Ctrl+F

You can use ctrl + f to search text in the browser. With this, you can search text in the page of your internet browser.

5. Alt+tab or Ctrl+tab

You can use the Alt + Tab or Ctrl + tab to change windows by opening in the Internet browser like we have opened the Chrome browser and a second window is open in the background, then you can Alt + You can use tab or Ctrl + tab buttons.

6. Space or Ctrl+Left or Right arrow

When you are watching a movie or video on your computer or laptop, you can use the space key button to stop the movie.

7. Ctrl+S

Similarly, use Space or Ctrl + Left or Right arrow to move the movie back and forth. When you are working on any two comments or programs, you can save the file by pressing the Ctrl + S button.

8. Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End

With Ctrl + Home, you can carry the sent document and close it by pressing the ctrl + end key button.

9. Ctrl+P

When you have to print a document or want to see the print, then you can use the Ctrl + P key button. I mean, we use ctrl + P to print.

10. Windows + R

If you want to delete a temp file from a computer then press the windows + r button. One will open, type% temp% in that box and press the Enter button.
Now a new window will open in which many temp files are of no use to the computer, delete them.
So, friends, these are the computer keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your work even easier and you can run your computer without forgiving.
I hope you find this information useful, if you feel so, share it on social media.

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